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Norway is one of the most unique
incredible rugged countries in the whole world I’m home in New York making this
video about my favorite place in the Norway and it starts raining the rain is
actually very fitting for making a video on Norway because Norway is one of the
wettest countries in the whole world I’m Eric Conover and this is a video Journal
of my travels in life here in New York recently I just got back from a
week-long trip to Norway with Paul and sharp they’re an Italian quilting
company and I was filming a campaign testing out their 777 jacket over 7 days
and 7 activities in Norway in this video I made a list of the most incredible
locations in Norway that I saw while testing out this jacket before I get
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whenever I shared who travel content on my channel without further ado these are
the most incredible places in Norway you have to see to believe you the first location is the knee guards
breeding glacier this glacier lives about 19 miles north of the village guap
the knee guards Green glacier is actually an arm of the largest glacier
in continental Europe called the jaw style
Verena glacier to get to the glacier a small boats will transport you to the
face with you across the palest most turquoise blue glacier water you have
ever seen in your whole life from the forests to the base of the glacier you
have about a 30 minute hike once you get to the base of the glacier
you’re kitted out with crampons and ice pick and a harness it is impossible to
climb ice without crampons and they actually come with the guide and I’ll
have all that information down below once you start climbing it’s about eight
hours in total from the top to the bottom of this glacier hike was one of
if not the most defining travel experience I’ve had in my whole life
it’s one thing to see it but to actually hear the pieces of ice the size of
buildings moving and breaking and it felt like a living of things its massive
massive living things if you want to climb this glacier you
have to act fast because in a matter of a few short years this glacier won’t
even be here where was it before how much farther out 2001 that all the way
to the angular bitches like how much longer will this be here for 20 years 20
years yeah you heard that 20 years at the fact that these aren’t gonna be
around in 20 years you know when I’m a middle-aged guy this might not be here
if you want to ever climb a glacier do it don’t wait get out here climb the
glacier we’re halfway up now and be at the top the next location is the land false and
follows which translates to long at waterfall this waterfall is less of an
activity and more of just an attraction I mean you’re driving down the highway
out of nowhere you hear this noise this rumbling noise then you see the mist you
turn the corner and you see the largest most menacing waterfall on earth this
waterfall is over 2,000 feet high the world waterfall database declared this
waterfall to be one of the best in the world that’s got to tell you something I
drove past this waterfall on my ways – boss swear I did some whitewater river
kayaking Laing folson is the perfect place if you’re on a long road trip in
Norway – just pull over to the side of the road have some food enjoy the beauty
and just kind of take it in because it is quite good sight the next location
pause the video try to pronounce this word
yeah there’s very very long the region word translates to Atlantic Ocean Road
now it is known as the world’s most dangerous road just because during the
wintertime there’s very strong storms that go through this area when I did this drive was actually a
beautiful sunny day so I think it to experience it in the storm and the
craziness but still I could imagine it can be pretty menacing in the storm it
is eight total bridges long and eight thousand two hundred and seventy-four
meters and this is the biggest tip of this video if you are going to Norway
you make videos and you make photos invest in the drone the drone is not one way to really
really see this country which brings us to our next location deep in the mountains of western Norway
life strolled stiva road trophy diem translates directly to trolls latter
troll spigen is a visual Beast I have never seen a place that was so
won a major stomach drop about to break down that steep its bite course in the
whole world this is one of those life moments where you feel so alive but at
the same time you’re like should I be doing this like that just because of how
steep the road is if you’re going down that road on a bike in you’re at the
edge and you make a wrong turn you’re going over the edge and you’re falling
thousands of feet down to the ground it is a straight cliff drop down to the
valley this road is the hardest and highest bike climb in the entire world
twelve point two kilometers of this ride is at a grueling 7% incline the view
from the top is just you can’t even put into words how breathtaking and just
bashed this view is off into the distance
I biked down at the bike let me just tell you the flight Norway is hands-down the most extreme
place I’ve ever been the landscape is just I look at this
there were certain points where I hit 60 kilometers per hour
I cannot highly recommend enough going to this place it is breathtaking in
every aspect of the word literally it will take your breath away especially if
you were biking up it or you’re biking down troll Cedar Road is a must if
you’re going to Northwestern Norway you have to see this place go on up on a
bike is the most grueling thing I’ve ever experienced but going down shore
feels good the next location on our list I have
never seen anything like this it is something out of a novel or a film what
I’m about to show you it will blow your mind
the next location and probably the most interesting place on this list is the
world’s strongest world located in the Northland this is the
strongest tidal current in the entire world these whirlpools were so large
that they could swallow boats we were to get close enough to the whirlpool you
could actually feel it dragging the boat into it up to 400 million tons of
seawater forced their way through a three kilometer long and only 150 meter
wide straight every six hours with the time water speeds reached 37 km/h at the
peak of the world pool but no really I’ve never seen currents this fast and
there’s actually whirlpools like when you flush a toilet
that’s what we have except times a thousand let’s go in no prove the
whirlpools themselves are huge some can be up to 10 meters in diameter and reach
5 meters deep in the heart of the vortex five meters deep now on the data I was
there they were not nearly that big but I couldn’t even imagine seeing a
whirlpool that big and that powerful because they do get that big when I was
first going to it I was pretty skeptical that it was kind of you know it was a
hoax it was folklore built up over time but
it’s the real deal to get to the world for you leave from the town of Buda
Youssou up in a full-on survival suit and when we were on the dock I was kind
of thinking to myself and wondering why are we shooting up in survival suits for
the Arctic like these suits are no joke the heavy gear survival you’re out there
in the middle of the ocean waiting for something that gets you suit from the
town it’s about a 20-minute boat ride through some of the most beautiful
landscapes of mountains that are meeting to see that I have ever seen my guys was
a story about Navy SEALs who went in to test the whirlpool they had air masks
they had full wetsuits they went under for two minutes and when they finally
resurfaced they were a half a mile down the river that’s how powerful these
world was on when I was there I was even thinking about going swimming I’m a
strong swimmer but not strong enough swimmer for the world
in Norway rounding out the list of incredible things in places in Norway is
the Midnight Sun the strangest thing was watching the Sun go down and having it
just hover right above the horizon it was set about midnight just kind of hang
there and then it would start to rise at 1:00 a.m. the Midnight Sun is a natural
phenomenon that occurs in the summer month in places north of the Arctic
Circle but actually the Midnight Sun can occur almost 50 miles away from the
circle but not quite as high your body clock is so thrown out of whack because
imagine you are as tired as can be but it is light out it’s the strangest just
most bizarre thing it’s very hard to sleep in Norway it is right now 12:30 in
the morning it’s June the 11th so it’s almost the first day of summer which is
the longest day of the year I haven’t been sleeping the past two days just
because it doesn’t get dark it’s always light out I mean look at this the Sun
just dips down low enough below the horizon where it’s like a sunset for two
hours straight and then it pops right back up at about two maybe 145 real
strange but kind of cool and there you have it that is my list of the most
incredible places I saw Norway on my last trip there if you liked the video
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when I post my next travel video speaking of next travel video my next
trip is to Milan Italy I’m going there for 48 hours for a fresh trip I will see
you in the next video from Milan Italy so until then as always remember to
smile more worry less and live your passion get out there and see the world

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