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Top 6 Questions to Ask The Agent Before Renting Your Flat in BCN

Do you want to watch some TV? Yeah, I wanna watch a movie. Alright. Why is it not working? It was just broken before we came here! What a lot of idiots. You should always ask
for an inventory list. And if your landlord doesn’t give an inventory list, ask them to
make one. Preferably with pictures of all the things that could be damaged in the property.
That way, you won’t be liable for it, like these guys! Man, we made a huge mistake! Yeah we should have made an inventory list,
this is your fault. Alright then, bills time. Wait, what? This
is not right! Yes, you have to know that most of the time,
the bills are not included in the rent in Barcelona. What’s usually included are the
community fees. Things like the cleaning of the building’s common areas and the property
taxes. On of the most common questions asked during a visit is: “How much are the bills?”
but the agent wouldn’t know about it because that depends on how much you consume yourself.
If you’re worried, just ask the agent to get in touch with the owner who would be the most
likely person to know. I did not sign up for this! Yes, so here’s the place, what do you think? It’s amazing, I love it! Really? Nice! It’s a twelve-month contract
and the final payment is… Wait, wait, you’ve already sold it to me,
I’ll take it! Haha, no he won’t guys. Let me tell you something.
Always try and negotiate the rental price. What’s the worst thing that can happen? They
could just say no. Ask the agent: “What’s the margin of negotiation for the rental price?”.
The agent will always know how much the owner is willing to drop off from the price. But
bear in mind guys that the price is usually not much negotiable than a hundred euros. Ok, so just sign here! Ok, sure! Hum, hold on… Hey man, my card just got declined and all
I paid this month was rent. What about the agency fees? Agency fees?? The monthly deposit.. Monthly deposit?? Yes, you have to know that most of the time,
you’ll have to give a two-month deposit for a furnished flat and a one-month deposit for
an unfurnished one. Also, you’ll have to pay the agency fees that are either a one-month rent + tax
or 10% of the annual price + tax. And you’ll have to pay one month in advance. Make sure that the cost of preparing the contract is included in the agency fee and that there are not any other surprise fees that might come your way. I’m not gonna be able to eat this month. Hello Mr Smith? I’m fired?But I just got here! We we never know what’s gonna happen in life
and sometimes we just have to leave our contract earlier than expected. With the new contracts however, you have an
escape clause that allows you to leave after six months with a small penalty. If you have
to leave earlier than these 6 months, make sure you contact your agent and your owner. And usually, if everyone is cooperating,
they can help you find a new tenant to replace you. That way you’re not paying extra rent
or pay the penalty. How am I supposed to pay my rent now? Hey! I’m kicking you out! I’m sorry?? Your contract is finished No, I have twelve months Huh, six months! BOOYAH! Hi guys, here’s the solution. Always and always ask for an example contract beforehand. Usually, most contracts are standard but you
never know. And once you’ve paid your reserve you’re not in the best negotiating position
ever. About 85% of the people, they come to the contract signing without having seen it and sometimes these people can end up with problems. So the bottom line is, never sign
anything you don’t wanna sign before you reserve. Go on, get out! Oh my god! Out! Out! Out! Alright guys, this is our bonus tip. If you
have any doubt about the flat or the conditions, please always call the agent before doing
the visit to confirm that point. Why? Because you don’t really want to return
do the flat and realise it doesn’t really fit or suit your requirements for whatever
reason. So many people waist so much of their time
doing flat visits that don’t even suit them. If they’d call the agency beforehand asking
one or two questions, they would have saved everyone a lot of time. Thanks for watching guys. This has been our
Vlog on the top 6 questions you should ask during a visit. If you want more information, check out our
website: suitelife.com Thanks for watching again, we really hope
you enjoyed this video. I’ve been Hasan,
I’m Maddie, And I’m Chris. And you’re watching SuiteLife TV

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