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Top 4 Things You Need to Check Before Buying Property in Turkey

Four things to check before buying
property in Turkey Number one: developer Developer is the
person who will let you fail or he will make you really happy you need to check
about developer who is this developer what are their old references, is this
their first project, or they delivered before do they have any bad experience,
how is their money situation is the land belongs to developer or not, and
everything is important you need to check and find right developer to
buy from. Second:Location Check, yes you heard right:
you need to double-check about the location Because we are hearing… clients
are complaining to us about the location and about they are cheated, because you
will see many companies they are advertising for a location but actually
the project they are trying to sell is in completely another location for
example ‘Beylikdüzü’ or ‘Bahçeşehir’ these places in Istanbul has very good names
it’s well known places in good locations and the environment and everything is
good and luxury but the projects in ‘Esenyurt’ mostly advertising like
they are in ‘Beylikdüzü’ it’s something like you want
to buy from the ‘Dubai Town Center’ but when you went to project
you are seeing it’s in ‘Sharjah’ Three: Payment Terms You will buy with cash? or you want to buy with payment plan? some companies are doing amazing payment plans up to
three four five years and there is absolutely no interest, sometimes to buy
with payment plan without interest of course can be much profitable deal for
you instead of buying cash, you need to check you need to negotiate when it is
cash buying how much discount they are making because that actually shows you if there is a secret interest on the price
with payment plan or not. yes they will tell you no interest but if they are making
huge discounts on cash payments that means there is a secret interest so you
need to negotiate well if you cannot negotiate yourself let us
do it for you Four: Title-Deeds
it is the most important point imagine you are buying a car but the car
license will be on somebody else’s name would you accept this? you will pay and
somebody else will own the car and you will drive this car it’s exactly same in
apartments when you are buying a property you should always and always
ask for title deed even if it is payment plan no problem developer always can
give you, can transfer the title deed on your name and they can put hypotec (mortgage)
about the payment plan on title deed this will make you secured also this
will make developer feeling secured so always and always ask this even if you
are buying cash or installments title deed is the priority that
shows you are owning this property for more questions go to our website vipproperty.com
fill in the form and wait a call from us thank you


Shaly teodorescu

Mar 3, 2019, 7:09 pm Reply

Such an educational video, thank you for taking your time in making it

i m

Apr 4, 2019, 10:23 pm Reply

Very good video good luck from uk

Y-Travel Travel-X

May 5, 2019, 7:58 pm Reply

Can I hire you develoopeeeeerrr

Ibrahem Hamed

May 5, 2019, 7:59 pm Reply

So good

Holly Sen

Jul 7, 2019, 11:29 pm Reply

HI, I just have a question for you please, if you don't mind me asking?, I have a fully furnished Apartment in Alexandria, Egypt that I would like to exchange it permanently to one of your apartments and pay the difference, is this something that you can consider?, I am from the US, and have difficulty selling it from the US, so I decided to exchange it. Please advise!. Holly

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