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Tom Biskup Interview – At The Apartment / Episode 1 / Element Talks 2017, Warsaw

[Applause] all right so my name is Tom be scoop it’s so much actually but for my foreign clients I’m more like a Tom welcome to my apartment I’m a graphic designer and an art director for 10 years I’ve been working in the creative industry right now I’m curing war so I’m still doing my job in a duo with my wife right here in my office so you’re welcome guys [Music] internet has raised me and Internet made me as a designer I’m a self-taught designer I didn’t attempt to to an art school and everything that I learned I learned from the Internet can you send it to one because it’s a class here it’s the kind of aluminum [Music] so the the project is has started around maybe two years ago I call it a project it’s more like a experiment that I did on myself and it started two years ago when I had this time that I wasn’t feeling so good about my work and the way that these are going in my life to put it in a very general way but yeah I felt that I have this weird connection and weird relation to technology and it affects my life in a way that maybe I am not happy with I really think that life is about sharing but this word sharing is also the key thing here lots of things from our life has been taken to a vocabulary that we call our computers and the things that we interact with online for example like you have a folders for your files in paper and you also have a folders in your file sharing is a great example of a word that means something completely different in a human world yet it is used online and it’s the same word when sharing in a human relationship means something very deep very human something that makes you a human being while sharing a file online is just like it and it goes online and it’s the same thing no it isn’t right so I was thinking about it a lot I read a lot of books I was trying to observe myself and ways that I interact with technology and I felt that I have a horrible relationship with my smartphone and I really need to cut that off the same goes with Facebook I really really felt horrible about the weight I use it I was abusing it totally and it affected my work in my personal life a so I decided cut that I cut Facebook and I cut my smartphone it were harsh moves to do just to delete your Facebook account to get rid of the smartphone but I really think that it taught me a lot creators of Facebook really want you to feel that they want you to feel that there is life happening and you are not part of the real life if you’re not on Facebook well guess what this is because real life is totally outside of Facebook our work cannot influence our happiness our happiness can influence our work just like I said before and I really I realize that happiness is about sharing yourself your experience your advice with another people and for now I really think that this is happiness when I’m sad and I share it with somebody I’m not sad anymore and this is also happiness yeah it got a bit personal but I really believe that it was a big change in my life for for the last few years life it’s about sharing and if you are happy you can do great work and this will make you even more happy you can expect your work to do the happiness for you to make you happy like it’s not a some magic that will make you happy you

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