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Tokyo Manga Shop & Anime Studio Mega Tour ★ ONLY in JAPAN #29 東京漫画ショップ&アニメスタジオツアー

In this episode we head to Nakano Broadway, a shopping complex not far from SHINJUKU (station) To any anime or idol lover, this place can seem like paradise a kind of mini Akihabara One shop you will find all over the place is MANDARAKE Today we are at Mandarake. It’s an amazing place, a world of Manga To help me out is a professional, Patrick W Galbraith author of the Moe Manifesto and the Otaku Encyclopedia You’re really enjoying yourself, aren’t you? I am! There is manga everywhere, man! This is paradise! Recently worldwide, Manga and Anime is taking off, isn’t it? Yeah, I’d say so. The Manga has so much content,it’s a little bit different, something you might not imagine is being part of comics culture.. But I think it kinda offers range of materials, it draws a lot of new people in to get really excited about it, They sort of want to tell other people about it, I think it’s the stories, the characters which makes the difference, Like GOKU versus Superman They are so different. GOKU is almost flawed, right? yeah, superman is sort of invincible, right? he’s super powerful, super strong, He’s son of Krypton Well, he never loses! He never loses.But GOKU on the other hand, does lose always knows there’s someone more powerful than him So he gets his friends together, he gets stronger… He learns, he grows, he dies, he is reborn… So in a way GOKU is more approachable He’s a little bit more down to earth, more human. He can be hurt, he can cry, he laughs So I think people can relate more to flawed characters than to people who cannot even BLEED! A little bit more human, right? Closer to me Although that battle between GOKU and Superman is settled They did settle it. They said Superman wins because his power level is higher I think his power level is a little higher, but the thing is, that GOKU has his crew. And his crew will get together to do a smack down as a team Not on 1 on 1. That ‘s not the way things work Um..in my mind Anime is basically an animated version of Manga, no? I’d say a lot of the content comes from somewhere else You have kind of Anime based on Manga, based on light novels, based on games but in a way it is it’s own thing. I don’t think it’s kind of like a lesser version of the original It’s a different thing So when you look at “Ghost in the shell” manga Which is its own thing And you look at Oshii Mamoru’s “Ghost in the shell” film, Completely different thing And you can watch them side by side and see… the major in one way, and see the major in another way and they are sort of side by side and sort of expanded media world So it’s not the case where the book is better than the movie? I don’t think you have to compare them They both exist side by side, and they are both enjoyable All this talking and we haven’t even looked around MANDARAKE yet There are toy shops and manga shops Let’s start right here in the used Manga shop where Patrick and I are feeling that OTAKU vibe How about this? “KISEIJYU” also known as parasyte Sci-Fi horror that takes over your brain Do you know GENSHIKEN? See this guy? This is MADARAME GENSHIKEN is about anime….and Otaku! I love it…. I am OTAKU! Well then, take this! ONEPIECE SANJI! LUFFY! ZORO! Pirates, action, adventure? What more do you want? Well then, how about this? It is SOLANIN It stars Two girls….who wants to become…rock musicians Mandarake is a chain of shops within an amazing array of toys and manga through the ages It’s almost like a museum, but where things are for sale These toys really are collectables A way to connect to the past Patrick has found some old school action figures before they became much higher quality Mandarake has so many unique items Patrick finds another one, right at the entrance So this is for sale for 8500 dollars and it used to be a Gachapon machine so the capsules are inside the chest Put the money in here, and it comes out, here But it’s been changed to a display now and it’s for sale! Look at this guy! I can’t believe there is a Gachapon machine like this in the world! Only in Japan, beautiful If you missed a Manga in a series, you can find it here Want older? How about 1973? Across the way are these two Manga The price is reflected in their rarety and condition This one is from 1948 3 years after the war This is a 1st edition from a known artist expensive MANDARAKE also has an online store Contact them in English if you have a question or searching for something They don’t have English Manga but if you want some Japanese ones, this is the place to be 2 stops from Nakano on the JR chuo line is WAOWORLD Anime studio It’s a division of an education and entertainment company that.. you guessed it…also makes Anime Kaneko san works with club animators who aim to create a indie movie called chuyaden Right now they are putting together a promotion video to gather funds The goal… to produce a feature film based on fan feedback But first, what exactly is chuyaden? The story goes like this Boys and girls face a situation where the sun is about to disappear and they fight YOKAI Japanese monsters to regain it Day and Night Yokai do CHANBARA sword fighting battle And the hero characters, SHU,YUNA and KENTA have their ups and downs learning along the way SHU is a boy who is good at everything but doesn’t show his will often He grew up with Yuna, a quiet looking girl who hates losing There is also KENTA, Yuna’s little brother and loads of YOKAI, like Nurarihyon and Kasha Let’s see how all the story, and all these characters are made Wow. Look at all the detail the way he goes back and forth and checks underneath it Absolutely. Drawing the same characters over and over again in different positions You have to make sure you give the same quality, position, and detail over and over again is very labor intensive When he flips it up and down, you can almost see the action movement Absolutely. It’s moving right there in front of us.We’re seeing it being drawn Amazing This artist is hand drawing KENTA Artists work 10 to 12 hours a day, and they need a lot of energy Like these “GENKI (energy) drinks”. Creators live on them On the other side is where the digital process begins Each line is digitally entered It’s a time consuming process This project is planned to be crowdfunded And a future model on how an original Anime could be created through social networking It needs to create a strong connection between creator and fans It’s amazing how WAO has created everything in such a small studio, isn’t it? Absolutely. The trailer itself was produced just by the director and They were able to take these digital tools effectively to produce his own animations And getting other people involved in the process to take on more and more tasks Basically put together a coalition of talented artists And each one of them will probably make their own trailers and their own films Right. That’s how the industry works, isn’t it? In this sense, yes I think it’s keeping it a little bit more fast streaming the process because they are not just doing one thing,but you are doing more and more tasks using the digital tools So in a way it’s creating more rounded individuals who can do creative actions more autonomously I mean, to be working in this industry, how many people get to do this? This is where it’s happening You see people getting into it, and working their way up Learning their skill in the process We tried digitally coloring the main character, SHU It’s sort of like coloring by number, but harder You need to have an accurate touch It looks easy, but for beginners it could become a real challenge Oh you missed While we figure this out, take a look at how a Anime scene is made Several hours of work, crunched into 20 seconds There are countless movements needed to make just a 5 seconds scene Here are the final results Kaneko san explains There is a lot of excitment surrounding Japan’s subculture Manga and Anime are only going to grow in popularity Although we have just scratched the service of these massive industries, There are more and more chances to become part of it Either as a fan creator or Otaku reporters on a Manga rampage Just have fun with it!



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That girl at the end looked like Yui Koike as Ahim

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Why not english

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"The author of Moe Manifesto"
I can't believe he's making money like that

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Mar 3, 2018, 4:31 am Reply

That why we need to appreciate all the animators

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Great episode of anime, it required a lot of work for the final making! Thank you very much! Love your videos!

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ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

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if i ever set foot in japan, one of the 1st things I'll do is visit a manga/anime shop.I'd like to bring some home with me, but not sure how i go about doing that. is that even legal?

Jeffrey Niemann

Mar 3, 2018, 1:26 pm Reply

Solanin is great, Inio Asano is probably my favourite manga-ka.

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Jimmer Seiber

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Super man is not a god but Goku is a god so Goku is stronger

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Jun 6, 2018, 9:29 pm Reply

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Superman has lost multiple fights including the one were Doomsday KILLS HIM, Aquaman nearly kills him and Batman was able to defeat him.
So comparing Superman and Goku together isn't really good.

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Asleep Awake

Jan 1, 2019, 4:28 pm Reply

Nakano Broadway is amazing. I can't believe I walked in the complex by accident. The Anime Cel shops are just out of this world and are astoundingly low key. With dwindling amount of cels, since all anime now is made on digital and 3D canvases I'm hoping real production anime cels there can be preserved and catalogued worldwide for posterity. I also always forget Mandarake's stuff is also online on their website.


Jan 1, 2019, 6:45 pm Reply

so cringe


Jan 1, 2019, 3:21 am Reply

that is where i want to go when i'm there mandarake..they do have their website but it's better to be there in person…i have been on their website


Jan 1, 2019, 6:29 pm Reply

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Really enjoyed this video. Is there any place on japan that has english manga

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Ataur Rahman

Feb 2, 2019, 6:10 am Reply

one dialogue from escanor.
superman stronger then goku now who decided that,superman can beat goku now who decided that

Studio Rock

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3:24 that’s not one piece that’s wanted that oda early works

Ron Ely Rodriguez

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Mar 3, 2019, 4:35 pm Reply

Goku has almost no character development. Luffy and naruto so much more

u w u

Mar 3, 2019, 9:06 pm Reply

I use to buy my figures at the mandarake website, really cheap and in great condition


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Jun 6, 2019, 2:50 am Reply

Superman is weaker than Goku simply because Superman gets his powers from our Sun, while Goku is powerful regardless of where he is in the Universe. That's a very important and overlooked point in regards to Superman. Superman is one of the most vulnerable of the lot.

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Rhyan Bullard

Jul 7, 2019, 5:17 pm Reply

Questions: are there any laws or bureaucracy a person has to go through in order to buy and bring unedited versions of manga? I've read online for example that a man was arrested or detained when he had a Japanese version of the Pokemon manga. Are there problems or is it just internet scare? Also, any advice when buying large objects or number of them that they don't fit in your luggage?

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That claim is so faulty. Goku can SMACK superman, as Goku at SSG first time was universal, and this man absorbed that and made that power inserted into his base form. Therefore Goku base full power is easily Universal, Superman isn't even near that.

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