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Tiny Studio Apartment – Sleeping Loft and Moving Staircase (Zoku)

Welcome guys we are here in Amsterdam
with Hans and he is presenting this Zoku space to us. Zoku is a hybrid between a place
to live and to work, and for that we developed the Zoku loft. The Zoku loft has everything
to live comfortably but also to work efficiently
so you find a high pressure shower, you got a kitchen with all the applications you need
and a king size bed, and at the same time also
free wireless wi-fi internet, all the office supplies
you need to be very productive. In a normal house where you e.g have a kitchen
and a bathroom, living room and a bedroom you waste a lot of space on circulation
So we thought can we give circulation space a double function in the space,
and the second thing is what you see here this is a piece of furniture where we stack
all the different components you find in a normal
home, and that makes it possible, that we can create
in the same size, as a normal hotel room, we can create this tiny but still spacious
apartment. What we did is we elevated the bed,
and we closed it up, people have the opportunity to
open it or keep it closed, especially when you
have visitors. We used a retractable staircase. It opens
like this That is amazing. And here you open up,
and there’s your sleeping area. I love it can I check it out? Yes Sure.
I love that there is no ladder. It is actually great.
So we created in the same space 7 m2 extra And there is a lot of space up here,
there is a lot of space. This concept has been developed for people
who need to live and work between 5 days and three months in the city. So it definitely
means more storage space, and especially in a smaller
area you want to get rid of all your clutter
so we have a lot of storage space here. Here you can put your bike.
Here we got some storage space for your kitchen supplies, everything has been taken care of.
Even here for example this cupboard you can close
and here you can find the safe so there plenty of space where you can store
your things You always want sort of a room where you can
store all your office things, so this is not a place where
you can actually work, because there is a big table
pretty suitable for that, but here you can store your
office supplies, your laptop when you have visitors
and what have you, and maybe check a quick email
So this is the kitchen, here you find a two plate
induction stove, with the exhaust of cours. Here you have the fridge with a small freezer
compartment A dishwasher, and some space to store your
waste and your clutter. This is a combi oven, and
here is some small cupboard as well, so are you can prepare
a really nice meal and have a great cup of coffee
or fresh made tea. The biggest difference if you would to compare
it to a hotel room or a studio room apartment, is
that in a hotel room the bed is always the most dominant
piece of furniture. And that really prevents you from
inviting people into your space. It makes it very crammed
and also to have a meeting is a little bit strange,
if people need to sit on the bed, so within “Zoku”
the kitchen table is a place where I can have a cappuccino
in the morning, I can have a meeting with four in the
afternoon, and a dinner with three in the evening.
In the bathroom we also separated the toilet area
from the shower area. If you have visitors you
don’t want them to end them up in your shower. Quite a spacious shower.
We give people the opportunity to hide their toiletries
For example this Cupboard which is now a big a big mirror,
you can open up and store your items over here.
To personalize your space, especially when you stay here
longer periods, people can actually change the art
in this room, so we have an art collection in the hotel.
In the corridors, and if you would like to change
a particular piece of art, you just go to the corridor and change it,
and it is really made to make it your place instead of a place.
This is another type, even though the component are
exactly the same. So you see the kitchen is exactly the same
as in the other loft, and also the sleeping area
for example, is the same even though we turned the bed
90 degrees, so the entire loft has been build up
from the same components, but like a kind of Tetrix
we did other things with it and twisted them a little bit.
We tested the prototype with around 300 people and
the majority of comments were, that this feels like a home instead of a hotel
room. If you are interested in the floor plans for
the Zoku loft, we put the plans and more details on the website
To access it all go to cards in the upper right corner.
If you want to watch more tiny home tours, click the
video on the left to see how this family of 6
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