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Tiny house built to meet building codes in EUROPE | France, Germany, Denmark, England..

Hi guys, welcome to this week’s video!
We are in Denmark this week and we are having a tour by Tiny House Living and
it’s Michael who’s a builder and he’s gonna show us around in this beautiful
tiny house. It is, I think, the first and the only tiny house company in Denmark, so if there’s another company out there reach out to me This house was constructed to
actually be OK by all the building codes in Denmark and the most
of Europe so let’s take a tour Hi! I’m Michael and welcome to our tiny
house. I will show you the house which is 18 square metres inside and 10 square
meters to the loft. Welcome to our hall and our living room and dining area We have here a fold-out table meaning that you can have additional people come and visit
you and you will then be able to have dinner for four. We think that’s very nice! Usually we use this to, what you say for two people it’s it’s usable for office, dinner, only for two
people you can sit and watch out the window. If you want to be four persons
there’s no problem – two here – two there In the decoration of our house we valued
very much to have a large area for storage so we have put in a lot of
closets on both sides. Here we also have some hangers for shirts, if you don’t
want it to have it somewhere else but there’s a lot of storage. We have around 12 cabinets plus all the storage which we have in the kitchen. The dining area
is part of the hallway the other part of the hallway is the storage which we have
the cabinets for clothes etc and we have the heating pump. We have decided to go
for a heating pump because the energy consumption is less than for a wooden
stove and propane stove and according to the Building Code we definitely needed
to have as low as energy consumption as possible or whatever. That was why we went for the heating pump instead of the other possibilities. Okay Michael. So you’ve done this
company in Denmark with tiny houses and the rules and regulations in Denmark are
a lot different than in the States So there are a lot more things you have to
factor in when you have to get it approved So what has that process looked
like for you? When we decided to adapt the tiny house concept we realized that building codes and regulations have never been made for building tiny houses Meaning that all the rules and regulations have to fulfill the same requirements for building an ordinary house for a full-time family living with
on a foundation So as soon as it’s a house that you want to live in then you have to have it sewn as a regular building – Yes!
– So they are the same.. – For full time living.. – You can’t just do this an RV
– No. – Then you have to move it you
told me like every six weeks ? – Yeah in Denmark
it’s like if you have it stay there for more than six weeks you
need to have a building permit the reason we want to do this because
fulfilling the full-time requirements for an ordinary house in a tiny house
means that we can have them approved for anywhere in Europe and that’s nice Danish and most European building codes they don’t factor in just safety and construction and stuff like that they also factor in energy consumption
so you can only have a certain amount of energy consumption if you want to follow
the rules. This is our kitchen. We prioritized very much a large kitchen, we love to cook therefore we want to have a full stove we want to have a
large refrigerator and a lot of room for storage We have a traditional good oven
full-size. A very good induction stove We have chosen to have a good vent
for air circulation for the steam to go out when we’re cooking so it doesn’t get steamed in here And of course a lot of drawers – everything which you need A very large desk, also for cooking and preparing
everything when we make large meals We have decided to go for two minor windows
for the start to be honest we’re actually thinking of replacing one of
the windows with a large window because we think that the view would be nice to
have and it will give more light to the house – It’s all a work in progress when it’s a small space
– Yes! Precisely. – Every inch counts
– Yes. Our priority when we chose the fridge was to have a small consumption of
electricity and also it should be nice and it should be the largest one which
we could get and it has a freezer at the top and the refrigerator at the bottom – So what you’ve done is you’ve you’ve had
the outside shell approved for full-time – all year round living
– Yes – And with rules that apply to all of Europe because you’ve applied them to the Danish rules
and they are apparently the strictest one’s. Yes very strict rules. Normally
we should use three hundred millimeters of rockwool for instance, but if you use
two times, yeah isolation. If you if you use two times three hundred
millimeters you have very little space – left in in the tiny house
– It would be like a… – It would be a real tiny house. So we decided to go for something called cool term which is used for Space Station’s. Extremely expensive in Europe
but it works in the house yeah and it’s fulfilling the building codes, and it’s like: yes! But that also means that the tiny houses they are quite a lot more expensive than your
tiny houses in the State’s probably Yeah, because of the regulations for
full time houses in Europe or Denmark and to fulfill them we use approximately, we can’t use exactly the same method as in the US so we have to put on
approximately 50% to the material prices And it’s: Ugh! But nevertheless we want to do it because it’s a very good very good concept and we think it’s very good to
go tiny. Better quality items that can do the same installation thing..
– The problem is also or the challenge was that with a small space and the ordinary
electrical installation we need it to lower our energy consumption we still
have lights we still have dishwasher we still have a dryer and everything else
what you would have in an ordinary house with a foundation. But when we then
tightened it up in a small area there are very very strict regulations
that’s why we also use the A++… – Yeah. For all the appliances Between our kitchen and the dining area
we have the living area. We decided to build this couch on
top of the wheel arch because then it’s we have a nice place for resting closeby
to the kitchen and the living area you can read a book you can look outside and
by the way we have already decided to change this window to a large window! Adjoining to the couch we have some storage area as well. We have built it
below the stairs we have hangers for shirts or short jackets we have a few books the room for shoes beneath We also have these two
areas which we are not at using at the moment but we want to make drawers here
and here for wallets and keys and stuff like that so when you come back home you
can just open and throw it in then you always know where stuff are. This is not the sleeping loft this is a
master bedroom Welcome to the master bedroom and we
have decided to place it like this because then we have a big space here
and when I sleep over here, my wife over here She’s a bit smaller so she doesn’t
bunk the head in in the top and I don’t either even though I’m a big
guy but it’s a nice place we have four three windows up here so we can look out
and actually it’s it’s also very cozy This is the storage in the master
bedroom. There’s one for her and one for him. In Denmark, you can’t move it with
an ordinary truck we have rules in Denmark where trucks in the US which are
suitable for towing ten tons they can be used for it. First of all the
trucks are three times as expensive that’s heavy and there’s this crazy rule
that you can.. you’re only allowed to tow three and a half tonne. So we have to use
a lorry or a farm tractor yeah to come and move it. So if you are planning on building a
tiny house in Denmark or in Europe then you’re probably gonna
have to look into.. it’s a movable house but you probably wouldn’t move it that often. – No.
– It’s so that you can have your own
space your own outer walls you don’t have neighbors or people living upstairs
or downstairs, you can walk out to a yard, all the benefits of tiny house living that we love! Then we have the lounge area for relaxation This is the lounge area it’s around
three square meters you can be two persons up here you can watch television
we have a large television And then let’s go to the bathroom which is close
to the hallway as usual! We decided to go for a large bathroom and let me tell you
one thing I’m 2 meter so it’s really spacious out here so we have an ordinary
toilet flush toilet we have the washing machine – traditional American style because we think it’s the best concept. And of
course a little storage we decided to go for the traditional shower cabinet. For
the sink we chose one with a lot of storage beneath. So the vanity is
specially selected for this but it is a spacious bathroom it’s a bit more than 3
square meters and let me tell you that’s spacious for most Danish apartments so it’s good! There is a lot of people in Denmark and
Scandinavia in Europe there’s like a growing interest in all of this stuff,
and obviously it’s very dense over here there are a lot of people and not that
many square kilometers like the whole continent um so tiny houses they are
definitely here to stay and it’s just about getting all the politicians on
board with changing some of the laws or being willing to put these structures in
urban environments and letting people see them and test out this tiny life. We’ve talked a lot to some members of the Parliament and actually next week we will have a
member of the Parliament come and stay – over for a night!
– That’s very nice! Thank you guys for checking out
this video this week and I hope that you’ll go I’ll leave a link
below to Michaels website so you can go and check them out you can go to the
Facebook or you can book this place actually on Airbnb
and I’ll leave that link down below so come and check out this house if you’re
in Denmark and or Scandinavia anywhere come check it out and see if tiny
living is something for you. Okay, we’ll see you guys next time, bye!

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