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Tiny House a Oshawa Home For Sale from Dan Plowman | 96 Quebec Street

Hey it’s Miranda Fox here from the Dan Plowman real estate team and I am so excited to show you my newest listing
I promise you’ve never seen anything like this before we have a fully
detached freehold home that is 253 square feet a fully executed space for
you to live in it’s so exciting come on in and check out the rest so I’m here with Ryan Carr who is the
mastermind behind this incredible project that we have here today so Ryan
how did this come about how did we find this how did you find this, what do we got?
yeah this was a listing that came through in early 2018
I purchased a parcel of land which coincidentally ended up being two
parcels of land one being the neighbor’s house and one being the tiny house that
we’re standing right now when we took possession we were able to put the title
of the property such that this would be on it’s own tax roll this would have its
own municipal servicing they would have all of the services that the fully
detached functioning home in any other part of the city would have and we ended up with the tiny house. so it’s just a regular house it just
happens to be a lot smaller than what most people are used to. This is is 253
square feet it’s definitely incredible and I’ve never
seen anything like this before and I mean living in such a small space it’s
really important to have some great amenities or unique features can you
tell me a little bit about what we’ve put in this place to make it good for
buyers yeah absolutely so two really cool features to this one is the loft
which is up behind us here and serviced by a ladder which in the tiny home
community a lot of space comes at a premium we got to go up because we can’t
go out right and then behind me to my left we’ve got some really cool laundry
facilities where because we’re so small on square footage in footprint we had to
make use of every nook and cranny so we’ve got a washer/dryer that’s actually
all one unit so you don’t have to take your load out it does the wash and then it
does the dry cycle right one go that’s awesome I mean I wish I had one of those at home cool well we love it here I hope you
guys enjoy it as well and take a look around.

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