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Hello, so if you’re new to my channel,
my name is Emma. And I’m from Australia
and I’ve been living in Japan now for almost my 7 months. I live in a really small apartment in Japan. And I did apartment tour
ages and ages ago when I first moved in here. And I thought I would do update because when I first did a video, I hadn’t bought that much stuff. I was just like, just settling in.
So it kind of looked a bit drab. I’ve changed a few things. Just added a little bit of homely feeling. And I thought that I would just, you know,
update you guys and show you guys what I have with the really limited amount of space I have. For anyone who wants to know,
my apartment is 8 square meters. And I can touch both walls. So right now, I’m touching both walls. It is one person apartment.
So I’m not sharing with anyone. This is all my space.
Thank you, universe. Becuase I don’t like sharing with people. It comes with the kitchen, a bathroom, a loft
where my bed is and a living space. There are some frequently asked questions from the other videos that I actually want to address at the end of this video. Like how much I pay for this place. Why I’m paying that amount. I’ll address at the end of this video. But I wanna show you my cool house. Let’s go! The first place we are gonna start is the Genkan. So this is the… Actually, no, stop, stop, stop! Don’t wanna show my dirty wash. It’s not bin day so the trash is full. And I don’t wanna show that to you. I mean just image there is a trash there. As I was saying, this is the genkan.
So this is where you take off your shoes. This is my dirty laundry as well. This is not going well. And the small closet to the side. And here I just have a decorative plant
that is normally outside because it would die if it was normally here. But like if I have friends over like you guys,
I would put it here cause it’s quite sweet. Tissue box. Keys to my bicycle.
Keys to my house. And my laundry detergent. There are some shoes in here. I have 4 pairs of shoes in here. It’s like racks.
I just put my shoes on top. Now just over here,
there is a– just a- a hoover– a vacuum cleaner, whatever you call it. Some bags and my umbrella that I use. It’s a little storage place. I’ve got a concert ticket. I’m going to see Enter Shikari, if anyone knows who that is. Might not be your kind of style. So it’s held by mushroom magnets
which are not a greatest design but they are really cute. And I’ve got my “how to throw my trash away” list
on where the trash goes and everything. Next, we have just cooking appliances.
So I’ve got my tiny little toast oven here. It’s got a little tray.
It’s dirty. I tried soaking it in Coca Cola but I need a more hardcore cleaner.
It’s just some stains that won’t come out. Then I’ve got my microwave here. I’ve got all my dishes down here
and frying pans. This drawer is full of important stuff. Something comes in the mail,
I can’t read it becuase it’s in Japanese, I put it in here. And I forget about it.
So that’s the drawer we don’t open. So here is I’m not gonna open that but
this is also just a bunch of stuff. Like cleaning products. It’s just stuff in there. I’ll just quickly show you the area
that I’ve been talking about. Just what it looks like from my point of view. This is the area what I’m talking about. So you can get a good idea of the size. Okay, anyway, back to over here. Up here is hat and bag racks.
So I’ve just got a big hat and caps. And two bags I use everyday. And here is just… I don’t know..
random stuff. Got a picture of a friend there. My hand soap, which if you’ve seen the first video, that’s still there. I dropped it once but it hasn’t cracked,
which is great. And just little trinkets like…
I’ve got this tiny little Eevee I don’t think it will focus but it’s an Eevee in the cup. Just very cute. Tiny spoon, Gudetama and this tiny little mouse. Isn’t it small? It’s that small. Also my friend made me
that bunny if everyone is wondering. My friend, Mika, she made me that bunny
for the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert Thanks, Mika. And down here is my Yoga matt
when I do my exercise in the morning. So I just keep it there. So this is the rest of my house
other than the loft upstairs. Yeah, so this is it. Here’s where the magic happens. I do all the editing,
all the YouTuber surfing, all the good times. I just sit here to do my work. It’s my favorite mag.
It’s Gigi from Kiki’s delivery service. Up here I’ve got my Sakura liquor. I’ve got like a little air plant. Up here, I’ve got my little marimo balls.
So they are just like water plants. I keep up there. I’ve got my Japanese study here
and my diary. And pencils and pens and stuff. Underneath here I keep my mirror. So in the morning I take out that mirror. And I put it like on the table
and do my make-up and watch YouTube. So that’s really easy. So this little ball here. It’s kinda ugly but I made it. If you’ve seen any of my past videos,
there was an episode where I got a tiny tree and it was really cute It just wasn’t happy.
I really really try to keep it alive. It’s still outside. I had to take it all apart.
And this is the moss from that tree. I’m trying to keep this guy alive. Maybe I’m just not good at taking care of plants.
I don’t know. so this is my bathroom. If you haven’t seen my first video,
you might be wondering where is my toilet. And also when I moved in here, I was so confused ’cause I couldn’t find the toilet. and I just didn’t know if there was a toilet.
I was really worried if there was like a public toilet. So what you do is you just grab the sink
and pull it up and tadaaaa! There is the toilet. It’s quite fun. And it’s quite nice ’cause you don’t have to..
you know with such a small space, you don’t have to look at your toilet very often It’s kinda hidden unless you need it. One problem that I’ve been
encountering this place is that drain there. Japanese drain is very interesting. Maybe it’s becuase
Japanese people don’t lose so much hair. But anything that goes in there
will not go down this tiny little drain. Let me tell you the story of the drain. When I first moved in,
I didn’t know there was a drain underneath there. I assumed there was a normal drain. So I just lived my life,
never looked underneath that little piece. And I started to smell something. And all these tiny flies kept turning up. And I was like how would these flies getting in here?
Where these flies coming from? And it would just get more and more and more.
And I didn’t know where it was coming from. And then one day, I realized
that it’s coming from the drain. And so I opened it. And if anyone squeamish, look away now. But this is what the drain looked like when I opened it. It was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. Me and my friends, we call it… I’ll use the better word.
“Satan’s butthole” This is what it looked like afterwords. So it can be a normal drain. But it does built up quite fast. So I have to clean up very regularly. The reason I’m not showing it you now is because it’s been about 3 days since I cleaned it. So I don’t know what it’s gonna look like. I’ll show you my little air plant I keep up there. When I first go him, he was very small.
So he is actually very happy. Look at him.
He is very happy. And I take him outside sometimes. So just basic, I got stuffs like
shaving cream, contact lenses, moisturizer, face masks, make-up removal, all kind of stuff. Perfume which I will never wear
even though I know I should ’cause I’m stinky. Here is me!
Hey, guys! So there is a mirror here,
towel here to wipe your hands. My toilet brush and toilet cleaner is there.
It smells like mint which is interesting. My toilet paper smells like roses. And this is very interesting smelling area.
I’m not gonna lie. Here is my air plant.
Shampoo, conditioner. Tooth, hand wash stuff. And there is my shower head. Also on the ground, I have those slippers.
Becuase it gets so wet in here. I put these on not to get wet
and it’s very easy. And I just close it like that. Alright, so this is the main area.
I like to keep it as clean as possible. So no things anywhere.
If that makes sense. The only thing I’m not happy with is all these cords,
’cause I haven’t really found a way to put them away or anything. This is my charging station.
So I charge like my camera, my big camera, my extra batteries, my mac. So that’s kinda like a cord area
which I’m not the happiest with. But everything else, this is where I do my stretches, do exercises, do dancing and all kind of stuff. anything requires space.
This is the big bit. I can touch both sides very easily. That’s totally fine except I wanna stretch my arms and dancing. Also if I want to stretch my arms
I have to be careful becuase… there are bars here. So I can’t hit those bars. I do like them because you can do this I think I can do more if I do my very best. That’s my little chair by the way. I haven’t used it in a while for various reasons. This is very nice.
You just sit and chill out. And I have a view of my garden from here,
so it’s nice. A lot of people in the old videos of me making food stuff said I should get a little a table so I did. I have this fold up table from IKEA. And it can fit underneath,
over my legs. Like that which is awesome. But I never use it. This thing is air plant.
And it got brown in the middle and I don’t know why. Does anyone know why? It’s going a bit gray and brown so I’m wondering if I did anything wrong. I give it a spay and I give it a little bit a sun. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m going so British.
Get out of British. Go back to Ossie My parents are British.
I’m Australian. Accent goes away the place sometime. Today, I’m British, I guess. And I don’t know why.
I don’t mean to be British. Anyway. And this is my tiny kitchen.
It’s a small one. But it’s good. Because there is no bench space,
I managed to find a chopping board which actually fits over the sink. When I cut things, I just do it on here.
It’s quite stable and it’s really easy. So it’s been a huge, biggest help in my life So I’ve got one stove top, so I cook with a frying pan or pot everywhere. He is very happy.
He’s got little leaves. Little Pikumin in there. Grape scented washing detergent. This is where I dry my dishes. People keep saying,
when I cook things I should put them up there but usually it’s full of drying up. I don’t have any space.
I just clean up for my videos. ‘Cause I don’t wanna be a mess. Before you will say, “Emma, you’ve got MSG.”
It’s not MSG. I accidentally bought MSG. The packet is MSG but I put salt in here.
I don’t like MSG. It’s quite bad for you. So it’s a table salt. Do not worry.
I just like the panda packaging. Cherry blossom jam. And this stuff is amazing.
This is Yuzu honey. It’s actually got Yuzu puree, I think.
Japanese citrus and honey, it’s so good. And I’ve just got a lot of things like honey, mirin, shoyu (say sauce), sauce. That’s all like condiment and stuff. So down here it’s a little bit messy here
so I apologize. But it’s just like rice, chips and sugar flower, different sugar that I bought by accident, chia seed. Utensils, knives. Here, I just managed to get magnets so I got my little purikura on there. Little Japanese photos. Super cute. This is my little fridge. Right now, I’ve got bananas, minced tofu,
leaks, carrots, broccoli. And there is a little freezer there. If it’s on level one, the water drips down here
’cause it’s too warm. If it’s on level two, it’s too cold and it all freezes over. It’s interesting design. I’ve got soy milk, tomato ketchup, butter, lemon. I can only buy a few meals at the time
becuase the fridge space is so small. But it helps me not waste so much food. This is the town bell. This is my garden. This guy’s growing a lot
and he’s growing little flowers as well. That’s the tree. It used to be.
It’s in recorvery. I’ve got this guy from Sam in Tokyo
’cause it was struggling. There are some broken umbrellas
that I need to throw up. This is my bicycle.
If you sit on it, it will break. Becuase I can’t put it together properly
becuase the instruction is in Japanese. I’ll put it together properly soon. This is my matt.
I just got 2 pieces. Yeah, not that exciting out here.
That’s the family. Let’s go back in. I have these things now. I just stores all my make-ups and
earrings and jewelries and stuff. I just take that drawer and
put it up on the table and use it for make up. That’s all like deodorant,
sun block, moisturizer, hair treatment, soap, kinda stuff. Up here, I put hair brushes
and hair straightener and hair dryer I just pull them out when I use them. Here I’ve got the chest of
drawers I bought from NITORI. It’s like a furniture shop in Japan. I just take pants out and put them on. That’s my ukulele. I get scared of playing
’cause I don’t wanna upset my neighbors. But that’s my ukulele.
I’m getting better. I just wish I could play more without feeling bad about This is my ladder. It’s a bit dark.
I put on the lamp I bought. This is my bedroom.
It’s got a futon and blanket. Oh that hair tie.
That was surprise. Get on my wrist. Futon and blanket.
These are rilakkumas there. Type of Japanese bear character here in Japan. So I sleep with them. I bought a lamp which is awesome.
It gives more warm light. ‘Cause without the lamp,
it’s kind of like gross. I like the warmness of the lamp. Over here, for those who are wondering,
I still have my tiny chair. But now I got a tiny little air plant too. I just put water here at night so I can drink. And I got Japanese study books, DS,
charger, lip balm all that fun stuff. When I lie down, it is like this. And I just chill. Yeah, this is where I sleep at night. yeah, let’s go downstairs and
I will tell you some information about this place Let’s go. The question that I get asked the most from the other video is how much I’m paying. So I pay 69,000 yen a month to stay here. And I know that sounds like a lot. Defenetely is a lot of money. But there are a few reasons why I’m staying here. They are English friendly.
I’m closed to Yamanote line. There’s no guarantee needed.
It’s a month to month contract. All utility and wi-fi are included in the price. Is that everything?
Hold on, I made a list. It’s in good neighbor hood and no key money. And my visa my visa.. that’s so passionate. The visa I’m on is working holiday visa so it’s 6 month at the time. I can be here for a year and 6 months with this visa. But I have to renew my visa every 6 months which can be a hassle but that’s an another story. Many places only do leases for 2 years. Or some places do one year but because my visa is only for 6 months, it’s been a bit difficult to find housing, phone and all that t kind of stuff. So this place doing
month to month contract is super easy. Also the reason I pick this place is because upstairs is separate from the downstairs. A lot of places are one big room. So they’ll have a bed and kitchen
and living space and all together. And I found it better when my bed is upstairs.
I feel more productive that I’m not like sitting in bed and working. I just like sitting in bed when it’s close by. The only problem with this place is drain and
it’s hard to have friends around. ‘Cause I’m like “welcome”,
“sit down on the floor”,and “stand up” And do nothing. Thank you so much for watching guys.
And if you enjoyed this video, please leave a thumbs up down below or subscribe or comment or whatever you wanna do. I made videos about Japan, about my life,
about this tiny apartment and just come chill with me. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video.


Tokidoki Traveller

Dec 12, 2018, 1:48 pm Reply

Hi! Emma from over 2 years in the future here! Just want to clear up some very common comments:
Yup I figured out msg isn't bad for you hahaha
This place was expensive, but definitely not the worst deal in Tokyo. Though at the time I had not many options due to my Australian working holiday visa!
I now live in a larger apartment for much cheaper and live and work still in Tokyo 🙂
The only thing I miss from this apartment is the cool sci fi toilet, and how quickly the place got warm in winter when I turned on the heater.
This place was amazing short term, but the lack of sunlight, location, and size were a bit rough after 11 months haha
It was a great experience living there and I learned a lot about myself and how to utilize space and appreciate what I have.
If you want to see where I live now I have made plenty more videos during my time here in Japan 🙂 Thanks for watching and enjoy the rest of your YouTube browsing!

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Satans Butthole? ?

Prevan Warrior Princess

Aug 8, 2019, 5:51 pm Reply

This is smaller than my RV….

kayla arnold

Aug 8, 2019, 6:02 pm Reply

I'm sure I'd be able to live there buuuuuuut I need somewhere to put my rock and owl collections


Aug 8, 2019, 4:17 am Reply

647.37 to live there, wow too much money


Aug 8, 2019, 10:44 pm Reply

Who knows if you're gonna read this, but I found here through the tiny house channel (living big in a tiny house) and I just gotta say – Enter Shikari? Nice.


Aug 8, 2019, 3:22 pm Reply

her gudetama socks are adorable ??

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