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The Smart Apartment for People with Disabilities at the Helen Hayes Hospital NY

Nikita: Hello Rosie. Rosie: How may I help you? Nikita: Rosie, I’m home Welcome to the Helen Hayes Hospital
Smart Apartment. Announcer: The Smart Apartment is an interactive model that replicates
a typical home, but with one very important difference. It is equipped with
an array of assistive technology that enables individuals with disabilities to
control their surroundings. The Smart Apartment door opens access to the world
of technology that reconnects individuals living with disabilities
with the outside world facilitating communication with family, friends, and
colleagues and automating control over the environment. Your voice turns on the
television, controls the room temperature, Rosie: I have adjusted the temperature. Announcer: and
raises the shades. Rosie: I have adjusted all the shades to fifty percent. Announcer: Suddenly a
world that was once remote is within command. Eddy: What we do is look at access
methods such as voice, whether you wearing a headset, a lapel microphone or
a handheld mic, or a tabletop mic, a gooseneck mic in bed, voice is very
powerful. You can just walk into this apartment and speak to Rosie. Rosie never
having heard your voice before will understand you. Patient: Close front door. Announcer: The smart apartment consists of a great
room, kitchen bedroom, bath and laundry area. All are designed to be
universally accessible and to incorporate both high and low tech
modifications and solutions to everyday living. Therapist: As high as you’re comfortable. Announcer: The
model environment allows physical occupational and speech therapists as
well as assistive technologist to work with patients one-on-one identifying and
customizing the most appropriate technology to meet the individuals goals. Therapist: Keep going white and you will be on the shower. Announcer: The blink of an eye. Eye movement is just one method of accessing
the television computer and other devices used on a daily basis. Eddy: Another
technology, which is the latest and greatest, is what we looked at earlier,
was the eye gaze component. A peripheral that allows the computer to track the
movement of your eyes just as it would track a mouse, so whether you moving your
head as a mouse, or your eyes as a mouse, we have technology to match your
abilities. Patient: I can see myself using this at home anytime yes, it’s a fantastic
product. Announcer: The press of a button, this specialized closet system includes a rod
that can be lowered via remote control making a wardrobe accessible to all. Announcer: Because no one single solution works for
all having an array of technologies embedded in the Smart Apartments
environment is a great asset. Commercial products including iPads, iPhones, Android
tablets, PCs, and customized programmable remote controls, are just a sample of the
devices utilized. This state-of-the-art interactive Smart Apartment located on
the Helen Hayes Hospital campus, the first of its kind, gives patients and
community members the opportunity to experience a variety of devices that may
help them live autonomously in their own homes. We encourage you to plan a visit
to experience the Smart Apartment firsthand. Visit www.Helenhayeshospital
.org/smart- apartment for a virtual tour. The Smart Apartment has
been made possible through the generous support of the Helen Hayes Hospital


wj peace

Sep 9, 2013, 7:07 pm Reply

Way cool. Too bad only the super wealthy people with a disability can afford this sort of technology. Not many of those super wealthy disabled exist.

Sonitec Fire , Security & Video

Feb 2, 2014, 3:39 am Reply

We Love it!

Sonitec Fire , Security & Video

Feb 2, 2014, 3:40 am Reply

Not just for the rich. Some systems are less than you can imagine.

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