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The Shop: Uninterrupted | CC Sabathia on Astros Streaming Signs (Episode 8 Clip) | HBO

What did the Astros do?
What have they done– So the Astros have
an extra camera, just designated
on the catecher’s signs, to steal the signs in real-time. MAVERICK CARTER:
Wait, wait, wait! They had a monitor
right down in the dugout and when the signs came through
they would bang on the trashcan. You know, one bang, a change up.
Two bang– -(GROANS)
-CC SABATHIA: It just took it
to another level where… -That’s a whole differ–
-you can’t fuckin’ defend that. How do you
normally steal signs? -The guy– Second base?
-CC SABTHIA: With a guy
at second base. MAVERICK:
He can see the catcher. -Yeah.
-The catcher is– MAVERICK: How does he signal it
to the batter usually? So, if it’s a fast ball,
he step this way or move his hands or do whatever
if it’s a change up. Just something
to signal the guy. But when you got a camera
out there, there’s nobody on base, like it
ain’t nothing I can fucking do. Stealing signs
isn’t a new thing. Stealing signs
is not a new thing. Which is why
you guys rotate the signals. -Yeah.
-But streaming… -Streaming–
-(LAUGHTER) That’s the new thing. Streaming the signs
is a new thing. You gotta be under
the new way. -I respect it.


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Damn he winning


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nothing worse than baseball. every team cheats someway


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will smith the most famous person in the room dont @ me

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