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The Secret Hallways in Resident Evil 4’s Crank Room

The castle area in Resident Evil 4 was such
a stark change to what we were used to while going through the village and countryside. As I mentioned in previous videos, it just
felt a lot more intimate since combat took place in much closer quarters. However, there were still massive areas in
the castle that flipped this feeling completely. And in this video, we’re going to be focusing
on one room in particular: The Crank Room, and the strange things we can find out of
bounds that hint at how this room was changed. So first and foremost, what I call the crank
room, others may refer to as the water hall, and in other instances like in strategy guides
it’s called the Hall of Worship. Either way, it’s that big beautiful room
in the castle that you encounter right before you get separated from Ashley. Normally Leon and Ashley enter this room and
they must work together to clear all the parts within it. This involves standing on two pressure plates
in the lower section which spawns the first crank within the room, and then turning that
crank to gain access to the upper floor of the room. Once we’re up there, we’re supposed to
boost Ashley to top walkways so that she is can turn the cranks that are on each side. This is a section where you typically utilize
your rifle to snipe baddies who are looking to take her away. Upon completing one crank a platform spawns
in the water and she heads to the other side to start turning the other. Once both of these cranks are turned, the
walkway to the room’s exit is restored and you’re free to leave. And like I mentioned earlier, right after
this room is where you get separated from Ashley. But let’s turn our attention back to this
room because there’s a lot of neat things within it. For starters, something I found pretty interesting
while navigating this space was that Ashley actually doesn’t need the paths to be restored
in order to cross the water. If Leon is granted free mobility through a
hack and walks across the water, Ashley will actually jump across the platforms as if they
are still present. It’s quite interesting. It seems Leon is really the only person who
needs these platforms to cross. Everyone else simply floats upon the water
as if they are standing directly on the reflection below… Which brings us to our next thing I wanted
to quickly touch on. I absolutely love what I call “mirror worlds”
within video games. And this room is one of those mirror worlds. The entire map is inverted and placed beneath
the level to simulate a real reflection – because actually simulating a real reflection would
be insanely taxing on the game itself. There’s no way the gamecube would have been
able to handle it, honestly – given the rippling effect of the water. So this is their workaround. By displacing Leon’s normal positioning,
we can actually explore this mirror world in its entirety. It’s pretty bizarre navigating it because
all of it is basically forbidden territory and is out of bounds. The only thing that ever gets down here is
the occasional enemy body that falls into the water, but even then it would be unloaded
before ever getting down this far. It’s a beautiful off-limits world that only
exists in a reflection, and honestly I find that pretty darn cool. So naturally, while exploring this room, I
of course wanted to see everything it had to offer. Exploring the reflection is cool and all but
it’s all within the mindset that I know nothing will truly be down there. That’s why I was pretty darn excited to
try to get up top to where Ashley goes. Normally Leon does not have access to this
area at all, but with some modifications we can get ourselves up there. It’s also really easy since Leon retains
his vertical position unless something acts on him, like a slope in terrain, so with a
wall hack we can simply walk from the room’s exit straight across to the upper platforms. But that’s when I encountered something
a bit unexpected, and it made me wonder about this room in its entirety. So while up there I decided to try some basic
things. Do the enemies come after me? Nope. Can I turn the crank as Leon? Nope. Where do the hallways lead that they take
Ashley to? Absolutely nowhere. Also, the enemies will just spawn right in
front of you while you’re inside them. It’s kind of strange. Now, I was already familiar with these types
of hallways because lots of areas utilize them. If you’ve watched my video about the strange
doors in Resident Evil 4, you’ll know that sometimes these areas also have real doors
within them. In that instance, we could use them to access
Ashley’s solo dungeon area. But in most cases, there isn’t anything
to be found. I had already explored the similar set of
doors at the bottom of the level and they are essentially the same thing. They are a hallway used to spawn enemies in
the game so that the enemies cannot be seen when they instantly appear. They also serve as a place that enemies can
take Ashley to when she is captured. They’re essentially a blank hallway. But while navigating these hallways, that’s
when I realized there was something strange next to them. It turns out that the paintings that are hanging
up alongside these crank areas are hiding additional hallways. You can tell which ones have the hallways
because they are way darker than the other paintings. I found it super odd because I’m pretty
sure these hallways are never used in the normal game or even in New Game Plus. At first I was thinking – well maybe these
were used when the difficulty was increased. But that’s not the case at all. So this got me thinking. Remember when we first enter this room? There’s a giant painting staring us in the
face that eventually becomes a staircase. The painting literally folds down and then
becomes the area we use to climb up. It’s actually more so the painting combined
with the archway that is engraved into the wall. This whole thing just bends. Now connecting the two concepts together,
I strongly believe these used to be utilized as additional enemy spawns, or perhaps where
tougher enemies emerged from. I can imagine more archers popping out of
here to make this section more difficult, similar to the two archers that spawn in this
room on New Game Plus. Beyond what I’ve already mentioned, on the
back of the painting is actually the floor tile itself, which would make sense given
that once collapsed, it would serve as a walkable bridge over to the cranks. The collision for these walkways is actually
still in the game itself too – as Ashley can walk across the floating gap with ease. She can pass through the painting too. So at one point, these were utilized. It’s interesting because even if you walk
out of bounds and into the void, it also appears that the collision for the staircase extends
far out of bounds. This can be used to walk from one hallway
to the other as Leon gradually takes the staircase upwards. So all in all, it makes me wonder if the difficulty
was toned down for this crank room before the final game came out. Perhaps there were too many enemies for the
average player to handle? It makes you wonder. Regardless, I’d love to know what your thoughts
are on all of this in the comments below. If I overlooked something or made a mistake,
please let me know. As always, thanks for watching guys and gals. And we’ll see all of you again really soon
on HorrorScoped. Cheers!

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