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The Reason Your Rent To Rent Property ISN’T Renting… Part 2

Hey, I’m the Neil McCoy-Ward and we are back at this house for part two so I can show you what it looks like now It’s finished. Come on in. Now the house hasn’t changed too much we’re still doing a little bit of basic work So this bathrooms getting a little bit of painting and stuff like that But you can see in here; the lounge, We’ve used the same settee, we just used a cover. We’ve got some cushions on it We’ve got a dining table and we got a big new fridge enough for the amount of people in here So just done a basic Tidy up on it. We haven’t even a deep cleaned the house yet. And the crazy thing is in the last week. The whole house is full We have one room left and we’ll go upstairs and have a quick look at that now All carpeted now. So before it was wooden flooring. This room has just rented so this was the last of the doubles As you can see all new furniture in here, very simple. Very basic A lot of people get off Get put off doing this strategy because they think it’s gonna cost so much money But you can see this is just very very simple. Very basic. We didn’t spend much at all It’s about a thousand pounds for the whole house for furniture So let me show you the last room that I’ve got my concerns with. You Remember this room? The single room? So this is the one I’ve got a little bit of concern with because we only have two leads in the last week on this Both of viewings weren’t interested in it because it’s too small so if you ever have a room like this, you just got to keep dropping the price until You find the ideal price for it. So we have this one on at 380 it’s now down to 360 and we’ll probably drop it to 340 if need be just to get rid of it because With this one room. It will really boost the profit of the house But in the last two weeks since we spent a week renovating and this week has just been a few viewings Every single person’s for you has taken a room. So very happy See all of this was a really powerful Manner and I suspect one of the reasons their issues were the last tenants Is because you know can imagine people walk like this rock solid? Laminate or night if you live in below here, he’s gonna drive you mad


Lok Wong

Sep 9, 2018, 6:39 pm Reply

Hello Neil, very informative video! just wondering how did you work out the utilities (£300) per month?

Change Now

Sep 9, 2018, 10:04 pm Reply

Great video Neil thank you!!! More Please.

Nathan Littleton

Sep 9, 2018, 11:15 pm Reply

Nice! Good conversion

Jordan Boparan

Sep 9, 2018, 7:19 pm Reply

Thanks for the video Neil. Short and sweet yet still very helpful!

Did you pay for the carpet to be fitted or did you manage to negotiate with the landlord?

Also do you cap the bills or is £300 what you can expect to pay for utilities on this size property?

Thanks in advance, keep being great!

Sam McK

Mar 3, 2019, 6:56 pm Reply

Hi Neil, Thanks for the videos and for your online training which has been the best property and business training ive had. A little question…

When using the calculator, how come VAT is subtracted from the Landlords total Rent? I thought that Rental income is exempt from VAT? should I remove this from the calculator?


(p.s. I tried emailing your training help, which is why I am now employing your direct to vendor strategy to contact you!)

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