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The Phoenix Clarendon | 1020 N Highland St Arlington VA | Clarendon Condos

Hello and welcome, my name is Matt Leighton
and today we are looking The Phoenix Condominium in Clarendon. The Phoenix is located at 1020 North Highland
Street. It is just a few blocks south of the Clarendon Metro station. The Phoenix was built in 2007 and has just
over 180 units on 11 stories. The community is a great example of traditional
luxury. And the building was built to be a condo. Something that you can’t say about
a neighboring condo community in Clarendon. Floor plans are well-planned and offer a good
variety between studios, 1 bedrooms, and 2 bedrooms. The interiors are quite nice as
you would imagine from a newer condominium. In the kitchen you will find stainless steel
appliances, granite counters, track lighting, and potentially a breakfast island. Living spaces are a good size and sometimes
lead out to a balcony. In terms of views outside, it will be a little difficult. Most units
face another building directly so good views are hard to come by. Amenities at The Phoenix include a staffed
front desk during business hours, a party room, an outdoor rooftop pool, a fitness center,
a conference room, and a fitness center. The Phoenix arguably has the best amenity package
in all of Clarendon. Alright let’s take a look at the Top 3 Things
You need to know about living at The Phoenix. 1 The fire station. The Phoenix is located
literally right next to the fire station. Now have you ever been told by a Realtor that
the trucks don’t turn on their sirens within a few blocks of the station or that you won’t
hear the sirens? They are lying to you! Of course you will hear sirens. Here’s the
deal. Your condo is located in the middle of Clarendon, surrounded by 10th St, Washington
Boulevard, Clarendon Boulevard, and Wilson Boulevard. Of course you will hear sirens.
It’s the same with airplanes overhead and living in Rosslyn. You’re choosing to live
in a city-atmosphere so you can expect a moderate amount of noise. 2The post office. When the Phoenix was built,
it was constructed during the same time as the Post Office that sits on the same site.
So there is some commercial office space as well as retail on the first floor of the condominium
within the development. This can make getting a loan a little interesting, so be sure that
your loan officer is aware of the way the development breakdowns.
10th St Flats. Across 10th Street from The Phoenix is a huge development project that
— depending on when you’re watching this — is being undertaken. The project will
call for a 5 level rental complex featuring 136 units, 3600 square feet of retail, and
over 4800 square feet of office space. This development will replace a used car dealership,
the famous Jay’s Saloon, and a few other small businesses. It’s a major project in
close vicinity to The Phoenix so be sure to keep an eye on it moving forward. Ok there you have it, the top 3 things you
need to know about living at The Phoenix. Just to recap. Number one the fire station,
number two is the post office and number three is 10th Street Flats. As always thank you so much for watching.
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you should check out the WaterView 1111 19th St N 

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