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The Loud House Thanksgiving Special 🦃 Song & Scene Celebration | Nick

A toast to Thanksgiving traditions! Old and new. – Old and new!
– Salud. You dudes are tuggin’ at my heart strings. Which means, I gotta tug
at my guitar strings! How about a duet? Uno, dos… [music playing] ? Two different families
Yet so much in common ? ? The loudness, the chaos
But we’ll just keep strummin’ ? ? Together is better
When we’re in harmony ? ? For Bobby and Lori
Our hearts were once breaking ? ? But now we’re together
It’s memories we’re making ? ? Mis amigos nuevos that you
And you, and you, and you ? ? And you, and you, and me
Thanksgiving fiesta ? – ¿Aquí?
– You betcha! – Will somebody save me the beak?
– Ew! ? Grateful, por todo ? ? Agradecido
I’m grateful for it all ? ? Grateful, por todo ? ? Agradecido
For breaking down the walls ? ? We’re grateful for it all ? Ha-ha, sweet!

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