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The Loud House In Different Languages 🌍 | The Loud House

I know why the lights went out,
’cause they liked each other. Get it? Get it? That one was so good,
it deserves a cookie. Oh, thanks! [speaking Arabic] [speaking Spanish] [speaking Norwegian] [speaking Portuguese] [speaking Russian] [speaking Thai] Luna’s base drum is the brake. And Luan’s whoopie cushion
is the accelerator. Accelerator? Don’t you mean gas? [speaking Portuguese] [speaking Mandarin] [speaking Turkish] [speaking Swedish] [speaking Polish] [speaking Dutch] [speaking Danish] That’s impossible.
Money doesn’t make a sound. Haven’t you ever heard
the expression “money talks”? [speaking Dutch] [speaking Italian] [speaking French] [speaking Spanish] [speaking German] [speaking Arabic] [speaking Norwegian] [speaking Portuguese] [speaking Russian] [speaking Turkish] Sounds like you guys
are having a blast in here! [speaking Spanish] [speaking German] [speaking Mandarin] [speaking Dutch] [speaking French] [speaking Portuguese] [speaking Danish] [speaking Swedish] [speaking Portuguese] [speaking Norwegian] [speaking Italian] [speaking Spanish]

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