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The JUMP SCARES are 173% Scary NOW ! | Resident Evil 2 #4 | (Leon)

And welcome to Resident Evil 2 again, We are going to continue the game again and this guy seems to have broke his hips, His back is broken and he seems to be just lying there, damn he must have been crushed, He is just crushed, you know like you crush a freshly peeled potato, like that, and there you go, we have found this handle too, Due to which we can now do loads of stuff, Is it not a good thing? It is indeed, All right, I must find something to put here right? What is happening to him? Lets go then, but then again, where do we have to go? That’s the thing, where do we have to go? Yeah i don’t think i can do anything here unless i fit something that can make it work, All right then, lets leave then, No one get stirred up now, no zombie get stirred up now, please, Don’t make much noise, i am trying my best, Wait a minute, i have this handle now so i know, what else can i do? It will go right here, in the crank handle slot, lets run over there quickly, Oh this seems like the whole map, Visitors guide is right next to the parking garage, So seems like all the important places are right there now, How will i get the number for this vehicle, cause i have the keys too, Oh what is this? Which one? I think the sound came from here, i think this is the car, Its this one, What is this? What? What? This is so wrong, Nooo…… Wait a minute, which one is it? Can i discard it? Nice lets keep it here, which one of it will it combine with? With this right?What? What is this thing? Huh? Did this just become a machine gun? Huh? Oh that is nice… This looks so dangerous, This seems like it came to burst mode, Hello, I am back The doggies were here, Don’t have to go from here, that’s the way, i can still hear the dogs barking, This dog is still locked up right? Well that’s is good, I don’t wanna mess with no dogs, I am a very peace loving man and run on the non-violence way no matter what, I will just come here very quietly, and just put this crank handle in and that is all, Its opened, now i can finally open up this locks and that too so many, There was also a crank holder lock in the main hall too, let me see where i am going, Ohh right, so that’s is where we are going, We are in the generator room now, I mean you guys are just kidding with us right now? What is this drama? Where am i supposed to keep thus? Can something be mixed? Oh this part right her , let me mix it up really quickly… They are making life hell right now, Kindly pick a bag or something Leon, even you aren’t helping out much, looks like this is mixable with nothing now, What? What? What? Someone did a hurrr now, Who is the person who is doing hurr here? Oh wait, it must be that thing, that doggy, Good dog, Where is he? He seemed like going hurrr…. Let me see, i can still hear him going hurr… That’s it? Is that all i had to do? All right, lets check it out, who was there making the noise, what was the drama? I am a bit scared actually, oh lets see what is there? A switch board, really? I did turn everything on actually, or did i screw up or miss anything? Is there something else here? Oh that is what i had to had to do huh? wait a minute, wait a minute, I think that those dogs are coming over here running towards me, i strongly feel that way, Yeah, i was right, Oh no, those dogs are loose, Oh no, Stupid…stupid… die… die… You wasted a shot gun shell ,stupid thing… What is going on brother? Like, what is going on?Let me use this, and my work is done, All right what can i do more? Oh looks like i had to do this, All right so that thing unlocked this, oh well that is nice, all right lets go then, What? Die… Why are you guys coming on in one by one? I mean it is a good thing that you are, but why are you guys scaring me this much? All right there is one more, all 3 dogs must be loose, O…m…g… all right come on I am ready, come on, where are these guys coming from ? Here he is… see.. see..see..see… don’t get out from there now, oh god how many are there? See…see…see… look at how many are there..DIE….DIE…DIE Do not mess with me brothers, Finally, i have some gun powder with me, you thought you wouldn’t give it to me, well i am going to take it, All right the dogs are done, the generator room is done, now what i can do is go around here and go over there, lets go, I only have 11 bullets with me, where do i have to go? Do i have to go here? This is the morgue,No i don’t ! O…m…G…screw you dude, What is happening? what is this game doing to scare us so much? You’re dead right? Where did he come from even?I mean i counted 3 dogs, if you guys are going to do a surprise attack on me like that, i won’t like it that much Are there more? I mean these dogs aren’t as scary as they think they are, O….M….G I am out of bullets, OMG, these dogs are a disaster, what is happening? Hello doggy, I don’t have anything with me, all i have is a flash bang, I literally have nothing, Can’t i do anything with gun powder, No i can’t, well life is great right now for me, All i have is a flash bang and out of bullets…. OMG… Run… OMG…. Throw it, Get blinder everyone… get blinded, All right my heart is in my mouth right now, what is happening? I am just charging inside now, whatever, Run…just run…just keeping on running now, oh god this dog, Hes jumping…don’t jump stupid…. I do not have an anything my and, i don’t even have my knife with me ohh i am saved, I am saved..i am saved brother… I am saved from this doggy, what is this drama? I mean i am almost in tears now,anyone here? All right got this, oh safe, thank you, Let me discard them now, their job is done, there is a tick over them too, All right then, discard it…remove them… Found a mag ammo, but what is the use? This job is done too, lets leave and continue our story, All i have is 14 bullets and a couple of shotgun… OMG, what is that? Scared me… Wow and i discarded it too, cause i couldn’t do anything about it, That is awesome, I think hes going to break the mirror, yes he is, Oh god, What is happening? What is this? I am going all what the… Ohh..oh… i have finally gotten it.. Hit him Leon, what are you doing? Knife him…knifing…knifing…knifing…knifing…knifing…knifing… Tear him up… Knife him…AHHH… Knifing..knifing…. Knifing…Knifing…Knifing…Knifing….Kill him OMG, hes still alive, Knife him again, Kill him, Leon, Leon what are you doing, you stupid person? This Leon is…OMG…Leon is going stupid…All right just get it over with, We are dead…we are dead…we are dead…. This is a mistake, lets run… They don’t die too…. Oh god, i think this is the same place where they cut the other person in two, See..watch room, i knew it… This is the place…Oh wait run..run..run, that thing is coming…. Yep lets get out of here…..All right lets fix that, this has opened…this has opened…. What is…WHAT???? How is this cop still alive? Did he become alive agian? Stupid man, you should have stayed dead..wait..why aren’t you dying yet, Look at him, hes still crawling, he just wasted all my bullets for nothing, Actually, i should use this one, now its better Now lets hope there aren’t Zombies anywhere near us in the future, where are these guys coming from now. Oh wait, from over there, Now i can go over to the main hall and do all the things again ,Yes We had to do this, and the hour that i wasted back there, OMG, now i am feeling about doing that, why did i do that? I should’ve just ran away from there, Hello cop? You still alive? I think hes dead… What? Hello cop. Please stay down, all right Marvin your head is mine, All right the cop is gone now, i was telling you from the first this was going to happen, Now i have a diamond key and a this thing too, so now i know where to go, and i know where those places are too? All right, so lets leave from here….with Zero bullets…That is nice Shubham, we are going to get screwed. OMG…What? Why/ I mean .. just Why? Why? Why? Why? I mean what is that thing?I mean i had to waste a good shout gun shell, Oh just die brother, I have nothing… Nope, i am restarting, let it go… I mean they gave me this thing to fight when i have no bullet… nope, end this drama… I got scared…Die… OMG…What the hell man, screw you…. Die…Die please…Why aren’t you dying? Wasted 4 bullets for him, well that is nice brother, that is nice…. I don’t have any bullets and this guy wasted 4 bullets, look at him..just look at him, what do you thing is going on here, a party? Or a carnival? I have to go up, where are the stairs? There may be many more, these zombies are back, i mean… I killed each and every one of them with so much difficulty, i mean are you guys kidding… OMG…look at what is going on.. I mean these zombies seem to be going crazy over here…… All zombies are going crazy… For real…. They shouldn’t have resurrected the zombies again. What is this? This is the herd door, i have to go the second floor…. No…no…no..noo….noo..no, this is just unfair..this is just so unfair… I am just going to hit him with my knife…I am going to keep hitting him with my knife, look at all the hits you are taking… Look at the huts..Look at the hits…Look at the hits…. There you go…Kidding with me huh, You aren’t even giving me anything Damn, I am almost gonna cry now, What is this? Hello anyone here? Oh god, let me go in the dark room first of all…. I just want to go in the dark room all my life, let me use the roll film now, where is it? Here it is…. Here is it, there the locker, I used DAN, I had to use DCM God i wasted all my life there, Almost an hour, Now i am getting the clues to everything…. Now the main thing is,How am i going to fight…. I have nothing… What am i going to knife them all? What a joke is this…. I hope they come one by one…I can hear them upstairs, Can i go here? No i can’t, this isn’t the gate, that is some other gate…. I have no intention of doing that i am telling you…. What if they start coming at me again? What am i going to do? Keep knifing them like over and over again like a crazy person? I am getting scared now, let me muster some courage…. What will be here? Why am i getting Matilda? I do not have the gun for this? I mean aren’t you guys going over the top now… I have to go the second floor too, I have the handle for the second floor only, I have to go over here now, to the diamond door, I think hes going to come over here too , Oh no..i know hes going to come here for sure…My heart is strong… Come on…Come…Come…Hes coming for sure..My hearts made up… Hes not coming? I think hes not coming, all right well i am saved…. He did not come…i was totally ready for him, he should have come…. I mean it is a good thing he did not come, i don’t have anything to fight him with… Thank you for the gun powder… My life is a bit hard right now..there is nothing here? I have got this again… Let’s use it… Its open… It is a tough job… All right open..what cha got? I have got the key for 3, oh god… All the problems are solved, but i am still scared, i mean where do i even go when i get out? Where do i go? Where is the crack btw, for the door? On the third floor? Thee is one more round thing…That one more round thing that we can use..Oh its the jack’s handle…. I can use the jack too All right, lets go… No one is here..no one is here…no one is here…That is nice, hopefully there is nobody in the library… I have no mood to fight No one here right? I mean that is so good, I feel blessed that there is no one here now, I swear, i have never been happier in my life, thank you, What? What? So i think this handle only opens up the shutters, i need something else for this, That is why there are no monsters here, i got it… There it is, there is a slot for a crank handle there, i have to go there, There should have been a merchant or something of some kind from who i could buy bullets or something… With money..i mean look at this…I have nothing with me… I have to just ..I have nothing for this waiting room either… But i still go here, anyone here? I am not in the mood to fight…Anyone here, no one is here, thank you… I had no mood to fight anyone, i can go over here ,lets see, where is this road going to? Where did the road to this open to, lets see, OMG, The roof, the road here leads to the roof, I can now go upstairs too, oh nice… This is not for this…This is herd door…Ok.. I will get the key for herd later, I can go to the Chief office, Should I go to the roof? Will it be safe to go to the roof? Hello, Anyone up on the roof? No one here, Oh wait, i think these two have done their part.. That is good, Let me see if there is something over here, Where am i BTW? I definitely needed some bullets…. There must be someone here, since they gave us bullets… Anyone here? OMG…Since this is a big… I can hear something…I don’t fell good, Should I go to the balcony, No wait, let me go here, Thank you for the Flash bang, Should we go to the balcony…What is there on the balcony… What? What? Is everything okay? Anyone here? Thank you for this.. Thank you so much…. This was nice…. This game scares a lot..Its dangerous… Let me get down….Oh god..Stupid Leon… There you go..Oh no… Are you hurt? There we go again… You done? Hurt yourself a bit there, What is this thing now? What? Why did i do this? Ohh… Ohh. I got it…i got it..Where am i? So what i have to is..Water valve…i have to…I have to connect this now… That’s ok..So that the fire will be doused and my way will be clear…. Can i go downstairs? I don’t think i can..What is this gate? Where do it go? Seems like opened… Oh i am back here again, i think i have to go downstairs, Right? Why is this only happening to me? Oh looks like i found some gun ammo… I can hear something dirty… Oh that is the boiler room….. Oh god…. What is this?Is this some sort of machine… That is such a dirty sound… Oh the gate… the gate is making the noise…. No..no..no..no..no.. Oh no wait, I don’t have flash bang, all i have is a knife…. Why aren’t their limbs breaking…. Their legs are so strong… Saved…OMG…OMG…What is happening? So i had to do that huh, Anyone here? Is there anyone else? No, all right, that’s good, give me something now, some guns or something… Oh i mixed them… Whats in this? Anyone here? No..Not the club..What is this?What is this key…Eh…. Its the club’s So what did i say, moving forward, the riddles will be solved on their own, So with that , we will be continuing this in the next episode, i hope you guys had fun, If you did, and subscribe so that you guys wont miss a single episode in the future….


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