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The Grid: More than Just Eastview Apartments in Worcester, MA

What I like most about the Grid is just how homey and comfortable and safe I felt whenever I came here. I’d always look forward to coming down hanging in the lobby or studying in the studying Center I actually loved it here. It’s just the ambiance of the entire thing that gives me like this warm feeling. It is so convenient. Come here to the Grid was very like a security-wise and I felt very safe and especially the security guys around here 24/7. And the area too is very beautiful right downtown. I really like the historic building and kind of the different amenities that come with it. I also like the modern look for all of the apartments as well. The 24-hour doorman and concierge service has been really really convenient for me. My luggage got lost on one of my trips and so someone was there to collect my luggage when it got delivered at like 4:00 in the morning. They’ve been really helpful with all of my packages, plus everybody at the front desk has been extremely friendly and welcoming. The primary reason I chose this place was it was pretty much the ease of getting the lease, the responsiveness of the staff. I talked to friends about moving in and telling them like you have something that you need a concern and call, I mean, right there you got people coming in right on point and everything. So convenient We’ve got the laundry room right down the hall, the elevator to get down, Here we feel like it’s more like a community rather than just a building with fewer apartments.

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