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The Corinthian Arlington VA | 1401 N Rhodes St | Arlington VA Condos

Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome back
to another Arlington real estate video. My name is Matt Leighton and today we are
taking a look at The Corinthian. This is kind of a nondescript building from
the outside, it doesn’t look like much but this community ranks highly when it comes
to price per square foot along the Orange Line. And the community is definitely one of the
most underrated condo buildings in the area. We’re going to talk about this and much
more in today’s video. Let’s get started. The Corinthian is located at 1401 N Rhodes
St in Courthouse. It’s right at the corner of that 4-way stop
where I will take this time to remind people that it is in fact, a 4-way stop. The community was built in 1974 and has 35
units on 7 stories. First off, yes, it is an older building. Don’t expect amenities, especially since
the community only has 35 units. There’s no real community amenities to speak
of. Okay there is a meeting room or party room
or whatever. But it’s not like you’re putting that
to use on a weekly or even monthly basis. Okay maybe once a month you have a meeting
there, but you get the point. The real amenity to speak of is the renovated
lobby. I don’t have pictures because it’s currently
under construction but by the time you’ve watched this video, there will be a new lobby
at The Corinthian. I’ve spoke about renovated lobbies in detail
in the past for communities like Hyde Park. The lobby is the first impression that most
people get of the community so it’s great that The Corinthian has undertaken this project. Floor plans at The Corinthian are going to
be solid. There’s something about older buildings
and floor plans. Oh that’s right. They’re better. They’re larger. And they have much more closet space. One bedrooms are going to be around 750 square
feet. They are going to be similar to Cardinal House
where you have a large living room, with a dining room section, kind of like an L shaped,
and the kitchen that is going to be facing the dining room. Only a third of the units are 1 bedrooms while
2/3rds of the condos at The Corinthian are 2 bedroom layouts. All 2 bedrooms will be above 1,1100 square
feet and all layouts will have 2 bathrooms. The layouts make excellent use of the space. With a building of this age, the interiors
are going to range significantly in quality depending on when they were last updated. A few other notes are that washer and dryers
are in-unit. Around the mid 70’s is when you started
to see the change from common laundry rooms to washer and dryers in-unit so that is great
to have. Another thing to point out is that there is
a G-ground floor and because the building is on a hill, the units on the 1st floor will
actually feel like they are on the 2nd floor. So don’t go ruling out these 1st floor units
before you even see them. Okay with that being said, it’s time to
take a look at the top 3 things you need to know about living
at The Corinthian: Low condo fees. 2 bedroom condo fees are under $400 per month
and 1 bedroom condo fees are under $300 a month. That my friends is a steal. 1 bedroom condos NOT 2 bedroom, but 1 bedroom
condos are about the same price as Wentworth Place in Virginia Square except that The Corinthian
is about $200 cheaper per month in condo fees. Wentworth Place does have a pool and all utilities
included. So there are tradeoffs but it’s an interesting
comparable building from another neighborhood. But one thing for certain is that The Corinthian’s
condo fees are super low. No pets allowed. I don’t feel like I need to explain this
one. Is it cool if I just move on? Ok great. Balcony. Every unit will have a balcony. And those 2 units on the G floor, ground floor
will have a patio. Ok there you have it, that was a pretty straight
forward top 3 things. Just to recap, number one is low condo fees,
number two is no pets allowed, and number three is balcony. Guys I’m just going to put this out there,
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take care.

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Dont worry, it is illegal to be homeless in arlington so they won't be bothering you. If there are the cops will be sure to arrest then for you! ??

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