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The Build Up: Episode 2 – The Cousins Reveal Apartment and Surprise

Previously on The Build Up. We’ve gotten you an apartment. What? We’re decking out this
place for you guys. My first time walking
into that apartment, I want to see what’s inside,
what’s behind that door. Oh. Welcome home, boys. I’m John. And I’m Anthony. We’re design and
construction experts. Ellen sent us on a mission
to help extraordinary people doing amazing things
in their communities. This is so sweet
that you do this. You go back to high
school, and you help with an afterschool
program to help kids. And then pay it forward with
some incredible renovations and life changing surprises. [CHEERING] Oh, my goodness. [SHOUTING, LAUGHTER] This is The Build Up. I know the apartment
that we are ready to get is going to be amazing. It’s going to be
an A1 apartment. A1– Chops. Oh. Welcome home, boys. My God. Let’s check out
the kitchen first. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my goodness, bro. Yo. Did you see that? Look, look, look. We had that custom
painted for you guys. Custom made for you guys. That painting is so amazing. I– words can’t describe this. This is now home. What are you thinking, bro? I just feel so blessed. We are blessed, bro. We’re blessed, bro. [SOBS] I cried, because just to walk
in and see that this would be my first home– first
place I can call home, first place I can call mine. We want this place
to be a reminder that it’s about the fact
that you guys give back to your community. And this is well-deserved. You know? Thank you so much. We’re just getting started. Oh, my gosh. What? And two Yamaha snares. Oh, my gosh. You guys have not had
your own brand-new drums. These arrived from the
factory this morning. Oh, my God. Let’s see how the
first video looks. Me and Malik, we had to
make a lot of sacrifices, a lot of adjustments
to our lives to get to where we are at now. We played on the harbor. We played when people
told us to stop playing. We just kept pushing. Yeah! We’ve got one more room
we want to show you. Bro. Do you see this? Oh, my goodness. I can tell y’all put your
heart and soul into everything in this building. We want you to have
a customized place. What do you see on that wall? A1. Are you serious? That’s awesome. This is your home now. This apartment is amazing. I just couldn’t believe it. It just feels like–
right now it still feels like I’m in a dream. Thank you so much. You deserve it. This apartment just shows that
hard work and dedication– It pays off –can pay off completely. Like, completely. All right. Now that we’ve set the boys
up a place to live and record their videos, let’s
help them get their name out there in a huge way. All right, guys. We’ve got to make
one little stop here. Let’s do it. I’m in love with this thing. It’s unbelievable. Let’s go, guys. Not bad. Not bad, son. Let’s do it. So you’re probably
wondering, why are we here? Exactly. Yeah. You don’t know? I don’t know. [INTERPOSING VOICES] You guys own a suit? No. No. No? All right. So here’s what we’re doing. We’re getting you guys suits. And we’re getting you
suits, because tonight you are onstage with the
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Oh, my God. Yo, that’s going to be dope. This is amazing. I never performed with that
type of genre of music. And for us to be able to
touch that in this lifetime– oh, my gosh. I’ve got to take this all in. All right. Well, listen. Let’s take it in while we’re
looking at some suit jackets and get you boys fit up. Let’s check it out. Let’s check it out. There’s nothing better than
getting measured for a suit. [MUSIC] When they come to
you, I roll the dice. Never fold my hand,
’cause I’m in for life. I, I, I, I think
you’re beautiful. Oh, wait, you’ve got
a little something. OK. Now we’re good. I’ve never owned a suit
before a day in my life. Never have. Nope. And it’s just crazy, because
now I finally have one. [ORCHESTRA WARMING UP] We got the opportunity to play
for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. That is beyond amazing. I can’t mess this up. There’s been times where my
parents were just like, hey, do you really want to do this? Do you really want to
make this your job? Because I had actually quit
my job to pursue my dreams. So for them to actually be
able to come out there and see me perform, and see that I made
it this far, is just like– this is like a one
in a lifetime thing. We are pleased to present two
of Baltimore’s very own who were featured on the Ellen Show. Presenting now A1 Chops,
Timothy and Malik. [APPLAUSE, CHEERING] [MUSIC, “HAPPY”] Being up there playing drums– oh, my gosh. Like a dream come true. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] For them to actually be
able to come out there and see me perform, and see
that I made it this far, is just tear-jerking. Because it took a lot to
get to where we are at now. [APPLAUSE] Wow, wow. Y’all enjoy it? Wow. Unbelievable. Tell us a little bit about
how you guys are feeling. Overwhelmed and speechless. That sounds like a good word. A proud dad. That’s what we like to see. It was just heart
touching and beautiful. This is just the beginning. We’re just getting started. We’ve got a lot in
store for you guys. A lot more to do. And we cannot wait to share
it with you, piece by piece. [LAUGHTER] Next time on The Build Up. Back to high school. This is where all the giving
back starts for these kids. That was the Baltimore Ravens. They want you guys
to play this weekend. [SHOUTING, LAUGHTER] [THEME MUSIC]

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