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The Brooklyn Crib | APARTMENT TOUR | tss6295

Hello YouTube So today I thought I would take you on a little apartment tour of mine and Shawn’s apartment Since we finally have things like organized and decorated and have basically everything that we want to have in the apartment So here we go. Welcome to our new digs So I’m going to start with our coat hanger that we have at the front of our apartment right when you enter It’s this really nice and mirror wood thing that Shawn found online that I think is really really gorgeous We had to hang it a bit high So the mirror would stay up and the coats wouldn’t hang too close to the floor, but it’s really gorgeous We’ve also got these great light fixtures that were put in in the apartment when we got there And then as you walk in you are going to the bathroom first That is the first door that you see when you walk into the apartment There’s me hi So we’ve got that shower caddy there got all our shower supplies in there I need to re up on my lush products I know One thing I really love about this bathroom is the color of it I know when me and Shawn looked at this apartment, we saw this bathroom and I was like, this is absolutely perfect It’s so pretty. I love the light blue color on there. And I really especially love these little carvings that are in the wall I don’t know what they are, but they’re really really gorgeous Next is the kitchen just a very simple kitchen there. We’ve got our stove and then our fridge there Cabinets on top with our plates and cookware and things like that fridge magnets kitchen sink pretty basic pretty normal stuff And now we’re going into the main area of the apartment which is our living room We’ve got the bookshelf there as you can see a lot of the books that I’ve read as my book of the month There we got this bookshelf from Alexis. Thank you like us for giving us this It’s a nice little cozy couch that we got online Super comfy super fun to cuddle up on when we watch on our huge huge TV, which is a really nice addition into this apartment Right next to our couch is Shawn’s work area because he works from home and he has two computers set up there So he has one for personal stuff one for work stuff and you know That’s where he spends a lot of his time at the apartment and playing video games and doing a lot of different work While I was filming this he was on a work call so that’s what he’s doing there We bought everything online. A lot of our furniture is from Ikea and there’s some things from Wayfair and from Target and Walmart we just wanted to find simple things that all kind of went in the same color range of Dark Browns and a lot of black just because that’s kind of what we like We thought it worked well with the contrast of the white walls of the apartment and the wood floors. Next to Shawn’s desk We’ve got this lamp Shelving unit thing that we have one in the front room as well as one in the bedroom where we kind of been keeping things My favorite part on this one that’s in the front room is this little glass carving that Shawn got for our anniversary last year and It says “some infinities are bigger than other infinities” a quote from The Fault in Our Stars and a cute picture of us that’s Carved into the glass Of course you got pictures on the wall All of the pictures that are in the frames throughout the entire apartment are from Mixtiles I ordered them online through their app. It’s a great deal and the pictures are so great quality I’m going to link a little bit to that in the description so you can kind of see that And that little artwork that’s up there you can see is from the long distance love art that I made for Shawn Next there is our big huge TV. It’s about 50 inches and we are currently rewatching Chuck So that’s what’s playing on the TV at the current moment And then on top of that on the wall a little poster that I got in London at a street market Of course I have some string lights in the apartment in the bedroom as well as in the front room just because I really like having that As an addition it’s nice to have as a different kind of light source versus our big lights that we have. We also don’t have lights over top so we have that there but the best part of this entire apartment that you’re going to see a couple times in this video is The view we live on the tenth floor in Brooklyn and this is a view we get every day. It’s really gorgeous Next is the bedroom you going right here Got the bed some pictures of my family Shawn has to add some more of his our closet there Then our dresser The printer laundry and of course our window with the view, I really like having the two big windows in our apartment Then there you just kind of see how our clothing is I have a lot of clothing, I’m sorry. I know too much clothing And I’m going to show you another shot of this view because it is just so awesome You can see Manhattan right across there Manhattan’s about six train stops away Photos of my family my dad my sister Alexis My sister Morgan And my mom And then on the other side some photos of me and Shawn being cute and cuddly The one in the middle is from like two years into our relationship when we went hiking in southern Utah we’ve got our teddy bears the military one in the back is one of the Shawn got me for my birthday a couple years ago and a Little dog there is one that I got Shawn many many years ago And of course these colorful string lights, which I really love having in the apartment. These ones are really colorful I bought them last year during the holiday season and I just think it’s a nice addition Color wise and decorating wise to the apartment It’s something I just really love and have loved since college as well and these ones I didn’t really realize until filming this video They kind of twinkle The bedroom here we just recently got this bed frame in a couple weeks ago We were sleeping with the mattress on the floor for the first month or so of us living in this apartment It’s just nice to have the bed up off the floor and the bed frame is really nice It goes well with the theme of colors and things that we’ve had in the apartment already And we’ve got our super super comfortable bed that I really like I really love our sheets they’re super nice and our comforter is very very soft and very very warm So I hope you guys enjoyed this apartment tour you see the place where me and Shawn are living now here in Brooklyn We’re really loving it so far. It’s really great. And it’s really fitting everything that we wanted for an apartment together So yeah, let me know what you thought about this in the comments down below I’d love to hear what you guys think about our new place and as always leave any ideas for suggestions for videos down below in the comments as well like this video down below and subscribe while You’re down there as well You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram in the description at tss6295. dftba And I will see you guys next time. Bye



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What do you think of our apartment?

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YAAAAAS CHUCK!!! (the apartment is cool too i guess)

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Owl Face

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your apartment is beautiful!

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