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The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Shopping At Aldi

As any Aldi veteran will tell you, a successful
shopping trip takes know-how. But, of course, developing this knowledge
can a lot of trial and error. So, to give you a head start on your next
shopping foray, we’ve got some tips to help you avoid those rookie mistakes and make your
next Aldi adventure a smashing success. Ah, the self-returning carts. They’re an iconic part of the Aldi experience. In a world of credit cards and Apple Pay,
where cash has become virtually unnecessary in most places, that initial walk from the
car to your local Aldi door still brings with it the requirement to somehow dig up a quarter
in your purse. Or your wallet. Maybe check under the driver’s seat? If you’re trying to seriously get your Aldi
shopping on, you’re going to need a full-size cart to haul away your goodies. But if you can’t find a quarter, you’ll end
up out of luck. That’s why getting an Aldi quarter holder
for your key chain can be the right move. It guarantees that as long as you have your
keys with you, you won’t have to be that one customer carrying way too many things around
in your arms. Plus, having this nifty doohickey dangling
from your keys is the perfect way to send the signal to everyone around you that you
mean business. At Aldi, anyway. A quarter isn’t the only thing you need to
bring when you head to Aldi; you need to remember your own bags, too. Obviously, reusable shopping bags at any store
can be nice, but at Aldi you definitely want to BYOB or you’re literally going to pay for
the mistake, since they don’t provide free bags. While any reusable shopping bags will do the
job, what you really want is shopping bags that hook right onto the cart. Since one of the ways Aldi keeps the prices
so low is by not having anyone bag your groceries, you’re going to need to do the bagging yourself. If you can pop some already opened shopping
bags right onto the rim of your cart once you’ve emptied it onto the belt, it can make
the whole process easy as pie! “Don’t come cryin’ to me if you eat your piece
too fast.” The truth is, the modern world’s shift away
from the typical nine to five, Monday through Friday work week has made shopping at specific
times of the day in order to avoid the crowds less important, unless you’re shopping on
the Sunday before Christmas or the Saturday before the Super Bowl, or course. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other reasons
to plan your Aldi trips around a certain day of the week. In fact, there’s one factor that affects this
choice in particular, and that’s re-stocking. Aldi typically restocks their Aldi Finds section
in most of their markets on Wednesdays with literally dozens of new products hitting the
shelves all at once. It’s the best time to both check what new
specialty items have been introduced to the mix, as well as what other things have been
discounted and are on the way out. It can be a great time to nab a deal! “That’s…” “Amazing.” “I know! Who’d have thought you could save 30 percent
on these products at Aldi?” Another thing that any Aldi shopper should
always keep in mind is that not all prices are equal. While Aldi has a well-established reputation
for providing quality products at very affordable prices, that doesn’t mean every single item
in your local Aldi is going to be a clearance-level steal. “We’re the store for the little old lady who
takes ten minutes counting out exact change.” For one thing, it’s important to remember
that Aldi portions are much harder to judge than you might think. They often provide products in smaller quantities,
but at the same time, their simpler packaging model can also make it hard to tell how different
Aldi brands really are from comparable items in other stores. The point here is that between the size and
packaging differences, it can be hard to easily judge how much of a deal you’re actually getting. Sometimes it can be a steep discount and other
times the savings add up to just a few cents or none at all. You’re going to want to keep that calculator
app handy and be ready to do some quick price checking on a case by case basis if you want
to be able to find the best deals. “I like her numbers.” Most Aldi customers know that the supermarket
chain is always stocked with a plentiful supply of grocery store staples. But what many newbie shoppers often fail to
notice is that they also have a small, often overlooked specialty section, called Aldi
Finds or Special Buys. One of the reasons it gets less attention
is because it often looks like it’s filled with random paraphernalia that has nothing
to do with your shopping list. But that randomness is exactly why you need
to be checking it out on a regular basis! The Aldi Finds section is actually chock full
of products that are impressively priced and can range from limited-time food items to
gift ideas, back to school specials, and even seasonal decorations. And if you find something you love… stock
up! It’s not gonna be there for long. “Not bad.” “Hang on, Dave just said his pie’s not bad.” “But Dave doesn’t like anything.” “Go tell your Dad.” One thing you may have heard from a lot of
different folks is the fact that Aldi may have some great prices but because of the
sometimes disheveled open boxes and small selection in the produce section, it doesn’t
come across as the kind of place where you should get things like fruits and veggies. “It’s crappy, no variety, it’s boring, you’ve
got terrible lighting in those stores.” But if you push past that initial impression
you’ll find that the presentation of an Aldi store isn’t an indicator of a lack of quality. It’s simply a direct result of the desire
to keep those prices so darn low. “Only the specialest, most amazing products
in all the world make it into Aldi stores.” Yes, they tend to stock less overall variety
in their produce section, but that comes from a deliberate attempt to not have anything
perishable go bad on a regular basis; they’re just stocking what people are buying. A lot of people tend to avoid the fresh produce
at Aldi like it’s Walmart quality, but the truth is, it’s just a different, yet well-structured
approach to providing fresh fruits and veggies. Those who’ve tried it say it’s good quality,
so don’t be afraid to add them to your list. Another area that doesn’t get a lot of love
is the Aldi meats department. But once again, the pared-down, simplistic
look of an Aldi meat case doesn’t automatically imply low quality, and neither do the low
prices. Aldi meats can more than hold their own against
other, larger stores that have a reputation for top quality. From their bacon to their whole chickens and
everything in between, the meat at Aldi is carefully sourced and well-labeled. But there’s one specific label that you’re
going to want to look for. The Aldi Never Any! label is a great sign
that the meat you’re about to purchase hasn’t been over processed or overloaded with chemicals. The Never Any! seal indicates that the animal
was raised on a vegetarian diet that did not include any steroids, antibiotics, or hormones. And that’s something we can all be happy about. Aldi’s commitment to providing healthier options
for their customers doesn’t stop at their meat offerings. From their “live G free” gluten-free products
to their “Earth Grown” line of vegetarian and vegan goodies, Aldi has their health food
bases covered. The best, and most prolific, label you’ll
see stamped on products all over your local store, though, is probably going to be their
Simply Nature certification. This simple label indicates that a product
is either organic or Non-GMO Project verified. It also means the product is devoid of artificial
ingredients and preservatives. The basic goal with the Simply Nature label
is to keep the extra ingredients and processing to a minimum. It’s a great label for any savvy shopper to
keep an eye out for. One super delicious category to watch out
for is the “Specially Selected” line of products. This label signifies high end quality, and
we’re not just talking about “better than Walmart” level, either. We’ve already established that pretty much
anything at Aldi is going to beat that! But with many of their gourmet items, and
with the Specially Selected items in particular, Aldi has decided to up the ante. At the top of their list of elite foods is
their dairy selection. “This is no ordinary cheese. This is Aldi’s award winning cheddar.” While you can always pick up a cheap bag of
pre-sliced cheddar or a handful of Colby-Jack cheese sticks, if you look a little bit closer,
the Aldi specialty cheese section is a wonder to behold. From well-aged cheddar, deliciously ripe Asiago,
mild and smooth brie, and specially selected Gouda [GOO-duh] to several different uniquely
handcrafted cheeses infused with a variety of different flavors, Aldi gourmet cheeses
are an absolute bargain. Coming in minimalist packaging and small sizes,
these cheeses are incredibly well priced, making them the perfect option for assembling
your next cheese platter… or maybe just to have on hand to go along with a big glass
of wine at the end of a long day. Aldi often frontloads their candies in the
first part of the store, with the cheaper Hershey classics stocked front and center
on the shelves, and it’s easy to walk right by since you can get those chocolate staples
pretty much anywhere you go. But there’s something else tucked away there
next to the big name brands, and it’s worth pausing to consider. We’re talking about Aldi’s higher-end chocolate
selection. “Oh, luxury chocolate.” “Uh-huh.” “Someone’s splashing out.” “You’d think, but it’s from Aldi.” “Aldi?” While it’s difficult to pin down exactly which
chocolates you’re going to have in any one store, they’re worth nibbling on, either way,
to see how they compare to that Hershey bar sitting one shelf over. With a sweeping variety of brands to choose
from, these sweet treats are refined options with very low price tags. The dark chocolates, in particular, stand
out when compared to most higher-priced alternatives and tend to impress even the pickiest of palates. The cherry on top of it all is that Aldi’s
top brass have expressed their goals to go above and beyond when it comes to getting
Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, or UTZ certified chocolate, so you can indulge with a clean
conscience! Most people associate Aldi with food, since
the whole store feels like a supermarket. But that doesn’t mean they’re not stocking
other non-edible, and totally awesome, products as well. The house and home section of the store is
often associated with Aldi Finds selections, but the products are amazing enough that they
deserve their own mention. From coffee machines, baking dishes and utensils,
to office furniture, tables, decor, and storage solutions, this section of Aldi never ceases
to amaze. The trick here is to check the section regularly,
find the things that you know you want to get, and then keep an eagle eye out for when
they look like they might be running low. There’s usually a golden window of time in
which the items are discounted but not yet completely sold out, and that’s when you shove
that quarter in your cart, and get shopping! Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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