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The Best Time of Year to Rent an Apartment

What is the best time
of year to find tenants for your rental property? That’s today’s video. Let’s dive in. Hey, everyone. I’m Clayton Morris. I’m the founder
of Morris Invest, and I’m a longtime
real estate investor. Today I want to talk to you
about the best time of year to find tenants for
your rental property. Now you think the winter
would be a bad time to find tenants for your
rental property, right? We get that question a lot. Well, should I be concerned
in February or March about getting tenants
for my property if it’s so cold outside? Will people want to
go out in the snow to come and see your property? Is August a better time? Is the summertime a better time? The answer is frankly,
it doesn’t much matter. Obviously, the holidays could be
a little bit of a slow period. Right around Christmas,
people aren’t going to want to move
and pack up boxes right during the holidays. However, right after the
holidays, and right before tax time is the best
time to find tenants for your rental properties. Why? Think about it for a second. Why would that be? Why would that be? Well, refund checks–
refund checks– if that’s what you said,
then you’re absolutely right. And what we find happens is that
many people want to front load the amount of rent they can put
towards their rental property. So a new tenant wants to
move into the property, loves the property,
and they know they’re in competition
with another tenant. This is what happens
on our properties we get into– I don’t
want to say bidding wars– but we really can take the cream
of the crop on our properties. So the person that’s
able to put up five months, six
months worth of rent and to move into this
property, chances are, they’re
probably going to get picked to rent the property. And why can they do that? Because the tax man– so
they’re going to get money back from the government,
typically, and they’re going to get a big nice
check from the government. And rather than spending
that money on things they don’t need, they
want to front load the amount they can
put down on their rent. And very often, we’ll get
tenants in March, and April, and frankly, February,
because people want to do their taxes early
so they can get those refund checks– they will put down
five, six, seven, months. We actually had someone pay
their whole year’s rent in one fell swoop thanks to
their refund check. So the springtime
can be a great time, and the winter time
right after Christmas can be a fantastic
time to get tenants into your rental properties. So don’t fear the winter. Old man winter is
nothing to fear when it comes to rental properties. I’d love to hear your
thoughts about today’s video. You can leave some comments
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rental property investing. There is nothing
like it– nothing– trust me– absolutely nothing. Go out there. Become a real estate investor. And take action. We’ll see on the
next video, everyone.


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Nice video.


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Hi Clayton can a person take out a loan to buy wholesale properties or can it only be done in cash.

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