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The BEST and BIGGEST FIRST CLASS SUITE – Singapore Airlines A380

– Hello (speaks in different language). – [Narrator] Hi everyone! I’m home coming to Hong Kong. Today I’m flying with Singapore Airlines in their new first class
suite on their a380. I’m going to show you all
the new first class products, and just how much luxury you can get out of a three and a half hour flight. My first class journey
with Singapore Airlines started at their exclusive
first class check in area. As it was the beginning of the week there was a lot of travellers
flying out that morning. – Sir, this is your boarding pass. – [Narrator] Thank you very much. – You are invited to the private room. – [Narrator] Thank you. – [Female] Have a good flight (mumbles). – [Narrator] A private
entrance from the check in area leads you directly to
immigration, after which you can proceed to the lounge
or to the boarding gate. From check in to sitting down the lounge, the whole seamless process
took less than five minutes. No wonder Changi’s many of the
traveler’s favourite airport. (bright orchestra music) – So we’re on our way to the private room. We’re going to go through
actually two lounges to get to our final destination, the lounge and the private room. (bright orchestra music) – The private room, only first class passenger allowed to use
here, so we’re going to check it out what’s inside. – [Narrator] The private room, as the name suggests is very private. This lounge is the flash shot
of Singapore Airlines’ lounge. And only first class ticket
holders allowed inside. The lounge has it’s own restaurant style a la carte and buffet dining. It also has it’s shower suite. I certainly felt very exclusive
to be in the private room. (upbeat music) Next time when you fly
Singapore Airlines first class, I would recommend at least three hours to enjoy the private room. (upbeat music) – This way please. – Wow. – Wow, this is the biggest suite on Earth! – Welcome to abroad Singapore Airlines as a (mumbles) to Hong Kong (mumbles) let me just do an
introduction of the aircraft. This is where you order
(mumbles) the mirror over here. For (mumbles) choose the iPad. – [Male Voice] Mm, hm. Alright? – Yeah. And then you can shift your
seat (mumbles) to watch TV. This is the panel over here. Just press this and
you can actually shift. And for the TV you can
move it over to your seat. (mellow orchestra music) And for you I’ll show you the dining. Now we can set up the table over here. You can actually (sound
drowns out speaker) And for your convenience, I can actually shift to your seat. (mumbles) all for your dining. – Would you like to have
a glass of champagne? We have the Krug for
today or the Don Perignon. (bright orchestra music) – Julie, I have a question for you, is that called a French
Twist, the hair you did? French Twist. How long it took you this morning to prepare you hair like this? Turn around let’s see
your hair, look at that. Only on Singapore Airline you see such an impeccable, impeccable hair. This is one of the perks to
come on Singapore Airline. Just enjoy the hair,
it’s just so nicely done. – Thank you. – How long it took you? – It took me 15 minutes. – 15 minutes? – If it’s a good day. – If it’s a good day. (soft piano music) At Singapore Airlines have really kind, they have prepared of
me, all the amenity kit for first class passenger
for long haul flights. So I’m going to show you, this
one is one of my favourites. This is a men’s pouch by
the French brand Lalique. This is a really, really good sign. So all you need is, pull and open. And inside, I particularly like this. This is the 30 mil EDT, Lalique brand. Going to try it out later. And now you just close it. Open and close. Like this. So it’s really easy to carry. And the female one, is beautiful. The female one naturally
has again, a 30 mil perfume. And we have the hand cream,
the moisturiser, lip balm. What’s more interesting
is the third one here, the third one is actually a unisex. This is available for our
station (mumbles) to Singapore. This is a special memorabilia
to take home with. It’s called a Lalique fish. You can have variety of
this as a collection. They’re different in each amenity kit. And also, what really, really sets this amenity apart is this one here. This one here is the scented candle. However, do not use, do not
burn your candle in an aircraft. (light piano music) – Now I just changed in my own suite instead of going to the
bathroom, it’s too lazy but with all the privacy why
would you leave your suite? (light orchestra music) This suite is so big, it’s
got so much personal space. You can have like 10
people in your suite or you can have all to yourself,
enjoy the space yourself. (light orchestra music) (background noise drowns out speaker) – Yeah (light orchestra music) – This is for appetiser. (light orchestra music) (noise drowns out speaker) – Oh, that’s nice! I like the chestnut, yeah. Uh, huh. Lovely, look at that. – Vanilla ice cream. Look at that! Call it dessert. (light orchestra music) – Have a good rest. So after my meal, I still have about two hours to go to Hong Kong. So the crew has laid a bed,
and I also have this chair. The chair can also recline. This is something like,
I didn’t know, realise, now I can actually recline a chair. So the idea is, you have your
whole private space here. You can always sleep on
your bed for a nap or you can always read a book, do your work while watching the TV here, relaxing in the armchair. This is really something,
this life is good. First class. Alright, I’m going to give the bed a try. (light orchestra music) It’s actually a proper
bed with a mattress. Very nice, very soft
mattress here, good padding. You know what I really like? Is this, I really like this
very, very cool, the texture, you touch it it’s very, very
cool and very, very smooth. – [Narrator] A one way ticket between Singapore and Hong Kong
in first class suite starts with $2,100 or 37,500 KrisFlyer miles. – Are you originally from Hong Kong? – Yeah, I grew up in Hong
Kong, I live in Hong Kong in, um, my teenage years
and in my childhood and great fond memory of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the place where
I started my love of aviation. Because, if you remember, Hong Kong has an airport in the middle of the city. It’s called Kwiatek, in the old days. And before the new airport was built, it was built right in
the middle of the city. Aeroplanes would just
come in and do a final bank and I would skip school to
go to watch planes every day. – Wow. – Such an honour now to
fly Singapore Airlines to go back to my old
home town in Hong Kong. And, um, thank you again, thank you ever so much for your support. And I hope you like the video. (light piano music) – Let me show you
something more exclusive. – More exclusive? Can it be more exclusive? C’mon. Oh, yeah, I know what you’re doing. Oh my gosh. Wow. This is, this is
extravagant, this is like, a double suite now. Now from a single suite now, you can convert to a double suite. This is, even more space. If you are very lucky, if you have no passengers here next to you, you can enjoy the double space
for the price of one, I bet. This space must be over 100 square feet. This is massive. This is, really the
Holy Grail, first class. Everybody wants this. (light orchestra music) – [Narrator] During my
transit in Hong Kong, I also visited the silverkris lounge. The lounge has two sections. The main lounge and a smaller but more exclusive first class section. There are lots of local Hong Kong cuisine such as the Won tonne
noodle, roast goose rice and Hong Kong milk tea on offer. (light orchestra music) The buffet also has an excellent selection of both Chinese and Western food items. I’m really impressed about the food provided in the silverkris lounge. (light orchestra music) – Well guys, I hope you like my video. My goal is to have you with me on a journey through my video. And I hope you enjoyed
this Singapore Airlines first class suite experience. I really can’t express how
wonderful this product is. It’s the biggest and best first
class suite I’ve ever tried. And it’s just, products
just keep improving in terms of commercial aviation. Thanks again to Singapore Airlines for the wonderful service and thank you for all my followers and thanks for watching again. (light orchestra music)


Sam Chui

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Winner of the giveaway of Lalique Amenity kit is Mark Khoo from Singapore. Ticket Entry #2847

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Playmaker N

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