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The Belvedere Condominium | 1600 N Oak St Arlington VA 22209 | Rosslyn Condos for Sale

Hey everyone my name is Matt Leighton and
today we will be going to Rosslyn to check out The Belvedere condominium. Now many of
you may know about The Belvedere or have seen it in passing, it’s design gives it a distinctive
appearance. But we are going much more in depth today and take a look at the history
of The Belvedere, recent upgrades, go inside a few condos, and take a look at what you
need to know before you tour the building so stay tuned The Belvedere is located at 1600 N Oak Street
just off of Wilson Blvd in Rosslyn. Google Maps says it’s a 6 minute walk from the
Metro but come on, you’re faster than that. The community was built in 1987 and has 525
units on 19 stories. The building is split up between the East building and the West
building. The first thing you need to know about The
Belvedere is that it is a full service building. We’re talking all the amenities you can
handle. Front desk staff, on site management, game room, convenience store, renovated fitness
center, library, party room, two outdoor tennis courts. There are so many amenities that residents
can take advantage of. Probably the biggest asset is the outdoor pool which is one of
the largest pools in the area. Inside condos here you will find a hodgepodge
of meticulously-updated residences to go along with units that have the original finishes
from when it was built. Condos range from 1 bedrooms up to 3 bed, 3 bath layouts.
Floor plans are huge, some have carpet, others have updated and now have hardwood floors.
A lot of times you will get a formal dining area. Some kitchens are set off to the side,
other are more of a galley kitchen. Okay let’s take a look at the top three
things you need to know about living at The Belvedere condos for sale in Arlington VA. Number one is large floor plans. These are
not your cookie cutter floor plans that you are used to. One bedrooms are usually 800,
900 square feet. Some at 750. Compare those numbers to other condos you’re looking at.
And 2 bedrooms will come in around 1,110 and 1,600 square feet, again much bigger than
other buildings. The Belvedere has huge floor plans and great closet space which is a huge
benefit to its residents Number two is views. Depending on where you
are in the building, you could get some pretty sweet views of the Iwo Jima memorial and the
Potomac River. Maybe starting around the 4th or 5th floor the views start. It’s really
rare that you can get views of the Potomac, especially in Rosslyn with all the new high-rises
that have been built recently. Number three is glass enclosed rooms. So you’ve
seen The Belvedere from the outside, the glass sunrooms stand out for sure. It’s nice to
have this extra space. Pretty much every unit has some sort of glass enclosed room. It’s
great you get an extra room and it makes for a great bedroom for when your mother-in-law
comes to visit. So there you have it the top 3 things you
need to know about living at The Belvedere just to recaps number one large floor plans,
number two is views and number three is glass enclosed rooms. Did you learn anything from this video? Was
it helpful? If so click subscribe right now and you’ll get more awesome Arlington Virginia
real estate videos. Until next time, create a productive day,
take care.

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