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The Apartment – דירה להשכיר

Flats with AC cost alot of money in Tel-Aviv. It’s a higher quality of life than you can get in Tel-Aviv. There is a lot of air Which is good Which is good There are some very nice neighbors And quality of life for the kid.
a garden Where would you find such a thing in Tel-Aviv? We were content. It’s a shame we have to leave. It was nice living here for a year. It was really nice. I’m studying for an M.A. in Social science
In Tel-Aviv University. I’m studying for an M.A. in Social science
In Tel-Aviv University. I’m studying for an M.A. in Social science
In Tel-Aviv University. I don’t always have a steady job, neither Suzy. So 500$ is a lot for rent. Nice as is it It’s not worth 500$ no 400, 430, 450 we could have paid It’s not that simple in Tel-Aviv to rent an apartment We’ll have to go back to Bat-Yam. There, for 450$ we can get a 2.5 bedroom apartment. of about 50 Square metres Hi, Hello. Hi, Hello. You’re here regarding the apartment?
Yes Please, have a look , and if you have any questions… There is great breeze here. It’s between two buildings so there is no need for aircon. There is no city rates Tax here. You share the electric bill with the neighbours It’s 500$ a month How do you dill with the weather in winter time? we have a plastic canvas to cover us during the winter Yes? Since it’s small, It warms up fast Are you renovating here before the date of entry? Paint job? I will talk to landlord about a paint job. Can I bring animals here? Well….
Sheep, wild cats? No, I think it’s a little bit exagerated
A dog or a cat is O.k. A dog or a cat. As long as you reach an agreement with the neighbours Can I climb up to see the place?
Yes, of course Climb up. Look at the place. Can I paint it as I like? Ask the landlord
I’ll ask him. And, I think he is working on getting a permit for a second floor. How much is city rates? There is no city rates. I don’t feel comfortable with the shower here. If there was something on the lower floor… ….like a faucet of the garden, It would be perfect. We can fix that. Yes? Yes. Installing a faucet is not a problem. So find out if you can, I’ll call you in half an hour. Are you serious? This is the flat? That is what he is renting?
Yes. That is what you advertised?
Yes . That. O.K. Thank you very much. it’s a fixer upper, They hardly did anything here, but with a little bit of imagination. You can do very nice things here. I don’t understand. Where is the flat? That!
What do you mean? I don’t understand where is the flat. You want rent money for the tree?!
I don’t want anything, I only came to see. The owners are in New York, He left this flat…. Which flat!!?? What are you talking about? How much is the rent?
500 $ For the tree?
Is it flexible? How much would you pay for a tree? It depends what kind of tree. I’ll start with a house, later on I’ll buy a tree, plant it, take care of it till It’s big and than I’ll build a house on it. This is it…
Are you bullshitting me? You’re such an asshole. Do you have Wi-Fi here for my Laptop? I’m thinking of the moment when I meet a new girl. How can I bring her to here? The toaster belong to the flat or is it yours?
Ours. What about roaches? Rats? I’m not sure about living here. It’s a little bit expansive foe me. If it wass 499$ I would have grabbed the dill.

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