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The $2 Puppy Training Secret – Puppy House-Line

– We’ll often talk about
how important it is to give your puppy good information in the first few weeks
that you bring them home. And as a new puppy owner, it can sometimes seem like
a really challenging task. But today, I’m gonna tell you about this simple training tool that costs just a couple of bucks, and it’s going to take you from being an exhausted new puppy owner, and turn you into a
puppy training superhero. (bell dinging) I’m Ken Steepe, and welcome back to McCann Dogs. (dog barking) Now as I was preparing to
shoot this video for you, I popped down to our local dollar store and I grabbed a couple of things. The first is just this four foot leash, it’s a cheap nylon leash, I think I cost, maybe, $1.50. I also grabbed this cheap nylon line, and they both have clips on them. But these things, we
refer to as house-lines. I’m gonna show you how
we modify this leash so that it doesn’t get caught on anything. But these house-lines are
going to be an invaluable tool to make sure that you
keep your puppy safe, and you’re able to give
your puppy good information at any time. So with this nylon leash, I’m actually just gonna cut the loop off of the end of the leash so that it doesn’t get caught on anything. We’re gonna actually attach
this line onto our puppy any time that they’re out of their crate. And because we’re supervising
them 100% of the time when they’re out of their crate, this is gonna give us an opportunity to really make sure
that our puppy is safe, and also, we’re gonna be able
to redirect them or stop them if they get into a situation
that we don’t necessarily want. Now, as soon as my puppy
comes out of their crate, I’m immediately gonna put
this house-line on them. And this is gonna give me that
little bit of extra control. If I were to drop a pill,
for example, some medication, and my puppy were to be
in the same room as me, now I’ve got an opportunity to stop them from getting that object, before I’ve taught them something
like a leave-it command. Maybe it’s a sharp object on the ground, or maybe it’s some human food
that the puppy can’t have, or, maybe someone opens
the door unexpectedly, and that puppy makes a beeline. I can quickly step on this
line or take hold of the line and help the puppy avoid a
really dangerous situation. Maybe you have a puppy who
loves to bite your pant legs or a puppy who loves to jump up on you. Well, the house-line is the
perfect solution for that. With your house-line you can
quickly redirect your puppy, you can guide them away from your pant leg or you can guide them
down and away from you, off of you, if they’re jumping up. With this house-line, it gives you a really clear way to communicate with your puppy, that this behavior isn’t acceptable. Now maybe your puppy loves to steal socks from the laundry hamper, and
run underneath the couch. Well your house-line’s a great
way to stop that behavior. Actually, the puppy probably
finds it a lot of fun when they grab something of value and then run underneath the kitchen table, or they run in behind the
couch where you can’t get them. It turns it into a game of chase. Well, with this house-line you turn into that puppy
training superhero, you can quickly step on that house-line and get that sock away from your puppy, or get that object away from them, that they think is so much
fun to play keep away with. This house-line’s going to
save you a lot of frustration, because no longer will
your puppy be able to do those wild puppy burns round
and round the living room, or tuck themselves underneath the couch where you can’t reach them when you’re trying to go out to potty. This house-line is going to
allow you to spend quality time with your puppy when
they’re out of their crate, and quality time is so much more important than the quantity of time. When you’re able to put a
house-line on your puppy, and you’re able to have a
little bit more control of them when they’re out of their kennel, it allows you to give them more freedom, it allows you to let
them make some choices, and you’re there to guide them, you’re there to give them information, whether they’re making a
good choice or a bad one. Do you know how much time you’ve got to give your puppy information
after they make a choice? One second. You have one second between
the time they do something and the time that you
give them the information, whether it’s good or bad, for them to be able to
connect those two ideas. And using something like
a house-line for you puppy is really going to speed that process up. It’s really going to allow
you to have that great timing that all good dog trainers need. Consistency is so important
when it comes to puppy training and this house-line is what’s going to give
you some consistency. More important though, is that this house-line is going
to give you the opportunity to give your puppy a
little bit more freedom while you’re supervising them, and let them make some choices. If they make the wrong choice, you’re there to help them out, to give them good information, and they can’t get themselves
into a dangerous situation. I hope you enjoyed this video, and I hope you found it helpful. I certainly enjoyed having
Hippy Shake as our demo puppy. If this is your first time on the channel and you consider your dog
a member of the family, then make sure you hit
that subscribe button. We promise you videos every single week to help you to have a well-behaved four legged family member. Do you see that playlist beside me? That’s actually our puppy
training tips playlist, and I think you’re gonna find
some of those videos helpful. On that note, I’m Ken, this is
Hippy Shake, happy training! Bye for now! (upbeat music)

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