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The #1 Sign A Girl Is Going To Sleep With You

How do you know when a girl wants to sleep
with you? It’s not so much one thing, but a series of
actions that happen that lets you know that she’s interested in sleeping with you. Here’s how this works. There’s a little thing called compliance. Compliance is when a girl complies with your
requests. When you’re meeting a girl out and about or
maybe you’re on a first date, what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be getting
her to comply to your requests. It’s your job as the man to push the interaction
forward to the point where you guys are in bed and having a good time. So you’re gonna have to move to that part
with little bits of compliance. I go over this in my Hooked program, telling
you all the little steps that you need to take to get it to the point where you guys
are having sex or even in a relationship. It all starts with the first thing, you going
over and approaching. This is your first bit of compliance. Is she willing to talk to you? Is she willing to engage with you. Is she willing to have this conversation with
you then move it forward? What I always say to guys (again I talk about
this in my Hooked program a little bit more) is when you are going over and you’re in conversation
with her, let’s say during the day, another example is at night at a bar, in a social
event, you want to take it to the next step. Which means if it’s during the day, ask her
to go on an instant date with you. Ask her to go get some coffee with you after
you guys have been talking and engaging for about 15 minutes. You asking her is getting compliance or requesting
that she does something with you, her saying yes, gives compliance and then you guys take
that next step forward. If it’s at night, maybe you guys aren’t going
to leave the bar after 15 minutes and go somewhere, but maybe you’ll ask you to come to the bar
with you to grab a drink, maybe you’ll ask her to come outside with you because it’s
loud. Maybe you’re just wanting to moving in a different
area of the bar for whatever reason. You want to go say hi to a friend, you’re
bringing her with you. Whatever it is, you are requesting that she
does something. And every time she says yes, she’s complying
to your requests. What does this have to do with you in the
situation where you’re finally in bed with a girl? The sign that she’s interested in sleeping
with you is very simple. She is saying yes to all of these requests. If she keeps saying yes, that means that she’s
one step closer to being in the bedroom with you. That means that she’s starting to get invested
in you. When I say invested, I mean that the more
time a girl spends with you and the more she’s being compliant to your requests, the more
she’s invested, the more she’s interested, the more that she’s attracted and the higher
chances of you guys end up sleeping together and taking it to the next level. I want to be very clear here. Of course even if you get these signs, even
if you’re getting compliance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s going to sleep with you. But obviously common sense, if she keeps saying
yes, yes, let’s go on an instant date. Yes, here’s my number. Yes, let’s go back to your place. If she keeps saying yes, then the chances
are that she’s interested. But of course, eventually it always comes
down to the last bit of compliance, which is consent. Meaning you’re going to have to ask consent
for you two to end up sleeping together. I’d say that’s probably the biggest number
one sign, the fact that she says yes. But if you want to know if you’re on the right
track, if you’re doing the right thing, if she’s interested, if she’s invested, then
all these little steps, all these little actions up to that point is giving you a sign that
yes, she’s interested. I want to be very clear on why I’m making
this video. Because a lot of guys, they don’t really understand
that whole journey, the whole journey of compliance, the whole journey of leading the interaction. In my Hooked program, I go over one of the
biggest principles of attraction and that’s dominance. Being dominant, leading the interaction, moving
the interaction forward to the bedroom, to you guys in a relationship, even you two getting
married one day. This is the guy’s job to lead this part. It’s the masculine trait that’s very attractive
to the feminine. You leading is getting her attracted and the
whole thing of you guys moving forward is getting to the point where you guys are moving
the interaction out of the friend-zone and into you guys being in a more consensual sexual
relationship or a monogamous relationship. Whatever it is that you are looking for. The problem is most guys forget to lead. They’re waiting for the woman to lead. They’re waiting for the woman to lead mainly
because one, they’re not very well versed in all this and that’s okay. I wasn’t either. Lots of guys don’t know exactly what to do
but now you do. But also the second reason (and I know the
real secret behind why guys are not as dominant and are afraid to lead) and that’s because
they’re afraid of rejection. They’re afraid that if they keep on trying
to move the interaction forward, that eventually one of those places of getting compliance,
they’re going to get rejected. And of course, no one likes to get rejected. We don’t like to feel rejected so therefore
we stay in our shell, we don’t move the interaction forward we don’t act on dominance, we don’t
lead the interaction because we don’t want to get to that point. Here’s the reality of it (with exceptions
of course) it’s extremely rare that a woman is going to do all this work for you. Yes, this is how it is in society that the
man leads and the woman follows in terms of what I’m speaking about in this video. But the reason why this is, is because (I’m
not gonna repeat myself, but I will a little bit) what I said before everything in terms
of the man being the leader, which is a masculine trait. You have to understand the reality of this
situation. If you don’t lead, if you don’t move it forward,
if you don’t get to that point, if you don’t ask consent to have sex, if you don’t get
to the point where you’re asking for the relationship down the line, 9 times out of 10, it’s probably
not going to happen. I will say maybe the exception is with the
relationship part. In a lot of cases women do ask for the relationship. But everything up into that point, it’s usually
not happening because the woman is being led by you. If you’re not having a lot of experience with
women and with dominance and with leading then you have to understand this is what you’re
going to need to tap into now. You’re going to have to tap into this mindset. In order for her to sleep with you, to be
with you, you need to get compliance all these steps of the way. Your job. Another thing you have to understand is it’s
not ever going to be about what she’s says, it’s going to be about her actions. The only exception and a very important one,
is the point in which you guys are about to have sex. I’ll explain all this right now. Basically her actions speak louder than words. Her agreeing to go on the date, her showing
up to the date, her accepting your physical advance to a kiss. All this stuff, her accepting it is her saying
yes. The only exception (by god this is very important
or else I’ll get slammed for not saying this but it is very true) is with sex. You do need to get the yes. Yhat needs to be verbal. You have to understand that part needs to
be verbal. My whole point here though, is that her actions
towards her saying yes, being with you, showing up, having a good time, wanting to see you
again and again, this is interest. Her showing interest until the point where
you get to sex and she says yes. But even at that point, understand that that’s
still an action. Her ending up having sex with you after consent
is her showing that she’s interested. But none of this was ever going to happen
unless you were going to do it. If you don’t believe me, test it out. Try getting into some sort of interaction
with a woman and just hoping for the best and seeing what happens and seeing if she’ll
lead it. It’s not gonna happen. So rare. The woman has to be really obsessed with you
and really like you. And even to get to that point, you’re gonna
have to sift through a lot of women for that to happen because you’re not going to connect
with every single girl that you meet. Look at her actions. Look at what she is doing in terms of you
guys moving the interaction forward. That’s really important there. I’ll tell you a quick story. This is actually kind of funny. This is years ago, maybe 10 years ago. I remember, I was on a date with a girl and
it was going really well. And I said hey, let’s come back to my place. And she said yeah sure sounds good. And then I made a joke, I looked at her in
the eyes and I said you’re coming over but you and I are not having sex tonight. And I said that with a smile. And she took it very seriously even though
I was just teasing and having fun and making a joke. And she goes no, of course. I didn’t assume that, I didn’t think we were
going to do that. She kind of got defensive saying no, I’m not
doing that, I’m not a slut, I’m not easy to give it up. But then what happened? We ended up going back to my place and within
an hour, we were having sex, consensual of course. The whole idea behind the story is it’s the
actions that are showing it. Even though in that moment, she’s like no,
of course we’re not, still we ended up back in my place and things changed because we
were together and emotions were flying and running high. And eventually we ended up having sex. Again, I have to say with consent. But you have to hear me out here. A woman, she wants to have sex with you, but
she needs a few things. A to be led. This is what we’re talking about here. You’re in control, you’re in charge and B
to feel safe. If a woman doesn’t feel safe… and by the
way, it’s interesting because being led is part of safety. The act of you leading and her being led makes
her feel safe. But also she needs to feel safe with you,
safe with you emotionally, feeling not judged, feeling like she can do anything she wants
and she’s going to be comfortable. She has to feel comfortable saying no to you
or saying yes to you. Either way, she needs to feel that you are
not going to judge her for anything. And also you asking for consent is huge because
that’s gonna make her feel safe. It makes her feel like she has the choice,
which some women unfortunately don’t feel like they have. They feel forced into it and they feel like
they have to do something. That is gonna be the worst sex of your life. I’m telling you right now, if you’re with
a girl and she feels forced or she feels she has to or she feels obligated in any way,
it is going to be night and day compared to when she really wants to. When she’s really excited to and when she’s
saying yes to you. Just keep that in mind. We’re not here to trick anyone into liking
you. Let’s actually get them invested, let’s get
them to comply because they want to. Let’s really make it so it’s supernatural. That is gonna be the best for both parties
obviously. Most guys are trying to get to this point
where they feel that a woman is attracted to them, where they feel that a woman is invested
in them, where they can do the acts of compliance and requesting and leading and being dominant. All this is explained in my program called
Hooked that you can check out at www.getherhooked.com. That’s in the description down below, click
on that link. You’re going to learn all about how to get
access to that program. That program is going to teach you everything
you need to do to get her invested, to get her interested in who you are as a person. We teach you in the program in this video
course how to bring out the parts of your personality that are attractive to a woman. We’re really bringing out the natural part
of you and I know it sounds complicated. It sounds like it could be a lot of work but
really it’s not. It really just follows my very simple TED
formula that’s fully explained in the about 8 to 10 hour course. Check it out… Get Her Hooked dot com. You’re not going to regret getting this program
so you can learn how to be the most attractive version of yourself. Check that out. I’m sure I’ll see you in the comments down
below. I’ll talk to you on the next video.


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