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Tattoo Business 003: Structuring your tattoo shop Booth rent vs. Percentages

– All right, all right! We are live, how’s everybody doing today? (gentle music) So the big question is this
how are passionate tattooers like us who knows
there’s more to tattooing than just doing good artwork,
how do we get ourselves out there and fill our books with clients that want our style and
pay us what were worth so that we can take care of our families and get out of our own ways and get ahead? That is the question and this channel will give you the answers. ♪ It’s simple to start, baby ♪ – What time is it? – [Crowd] Game time. – That’s right. Today we’re gonna do
another Q and A video. Okay. This is video three of
our little marathon. And this is from Mike, my man, Mike. I think this one a lot of the shop owners are going to appreciate as well as artists that work in a shop because
I have a lot of thoughts on structuring a shop. I’ve worked through a lot of shops that the structure sucks and I own a shop now and it was built off of what I didn’t like in all the shops that I
worked in from small town to large shops in big cities. So I got some good feedback on this one, but before we jump into it,
like I said this is a Q and A but if you wanna drop some
questions as they come when I’m answering this
question I’d love to answer ’em. And if they’re good
enough maybe we’ll jump on a live video together. Let’s get into this so my man, Mike says “what are the pros and cons to hiring? “Should I do booth rental or percentage “or bring somebody on as a guest artist? “I have the space to bring
probably two more artists in “but I’m not sure how to find good artists “that have clients.” He also goes on to say “a
guest artist would be good “because I’m five minutes from
the airport and 15 minutes “from downtown Seattle. “But how do I advertise that? “I have yet to do any tattoo conventions, “not sure how to get into one.” All right Mike, I mean I don’t
know if you know this or not, but tattoo conventions all you
gotta do is pay for a booth and you can get into one,
so very simple on that. But at the same time with
guest artists and all that that’s how you’re gonna meet guest artists is through going to a lot of conventions. How many of you guys
have been to conventions or done guest spots? Okay, maybe you guys can chime in. Me personally, I got, I just don’t do well working in somebody else’s shop so
I turn down all the guest opportunities that I get offered. It’s just not my thing I like
to work in my own environment. Me personally, if I was gonna
answer your question, Mike, I wouldn’t focus, I don’t
focus on guest spotting with any artists at my shop. I’m looking for a long term
commitment and the reason why is because when I bring
somebody on my team I invest into them. You gotta know where you
wanna be in your business. When we first start to
open a shop it’s more about yes I just wanna do my
tattoos in my own environment. Once we start hiring
people, the shift occurs. Now you are, now it’s like you had a kid. Life is no longer about
you it’s about the people you have around you. So just like you’d put your kid first you gotta put your artist
first if you wanna keep them. Especially in a commission
based environment that’s definitely what
you’re gonna wanna do. If you don’t want that responsibility and you don’t wanna make I guess a high amount of
income per month with artists and do less for them and be
less responsible for them and do your own thing then maybe
you wanna do the booth rent because then it’s just a flat rate. But at the same time you gotta understand just by setting up booth rent in a shop there’s less of a team environment. For you guys that prefer the booth rent because I know a lot of
artist prefer booth rent over percentage one
downfall to a booth rent is yes you get a low, low
price and something you can depend on every month but the downfall is you’re not going to really be advertised, you’re not gonna be
marketed to at the same time it’s a cut throat environment in the shop even if you don’t wanna admit
that, there’s not really a team thing compared to another
one where we’re passing on clients to each other,
helping each other out. I know in my shop my
artists they have no problem giving the shop 50% of their
earnings for extra marketing, for advertising, for
the growth of our shop and the mission we’re on and
the supplies that we offer and everything else. I also offer bonuses if they
hit certain numbers per month and things like that, man. So it really depends. I hope this answers your question, Mike. But yeah for me personally
if you’re opening a shop you don’t really need guest artists that’s not gonna really help you grow, that’s not gonna help
sustain your business. You need resident artists. You need somebody that’s
gonna stick through, you need a strong foundation
before you start trying out all these other things. Find a good team, man. That’s what I recommend, find a good team. And make sure it’s a win-win and simple. That would be my advice for you, Mike. Find a good team and if
you can’t find artists, look harder because they’re out there. Whether it’s booth rent or percentage you definitely wanna weigh it out and make sure it’s a win-win. Get some feedback from your team, see what they’re willing to do and that would be my best advice. Cool, well that’s all for this video. Stay tuned, tomorrow we’re
gonna do another Q and A on a completely different topic. And if you have any
questions send me a DM. We’ll talk to you later, peace.


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FaceTatsmcgee Hadlock

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This is definitely a serious subject.

I’d also love to hear some stuff about how little tattoo artists consider looking into methods of sales and how to emotionally tie your advertisements and your branding in such a way that optimizes your effectiveness. Also places and things to look into on the subject.

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Sh*t I give %50 and have to provide everything down to tp and trash bags


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