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Isn’t it a good place? you have to travel for 2 days for this let me tell you how so tao butt journey was started from Lari Adda Lahore. from where you can take Srinagar express or Habib express bus and you can reach Muzaffarabad so I got ticket of Habib Express and left for muzaffarabad at 10 of pm when I woke up in the morning I was passing from the mountains of Muzaffarabad and almost 6:30 a.m. dropped me at Muzaffarabad bus terminal so Folk we have reached Muzaffarabad bus terminal at around 6:30 a.m. let’s find a place for breakfast hey driver please tell me your name… Shakeel??? Ok so we are travelling with Mr Shakeel towards Kail so it’s 12 p.m. and we are stopping at Lawat and the journey was started at 10 p.m. yesterday night we have stopped at the LAWAT there are very few food options and they have a barbecue here from Lawat we passed from and Sharda and Dawarian and finally reached at Kail at 3.30PM the jeep from Kail to Taobutt had to leave tomorrow in the morning so I thought why not do another hike towards Arnag Kail top for Arang Kail either you can go by 2.5 hrs trekking you can take this Doli Lift to skip half of your trekking Path after 1 hour hiking when you reach at the top the view is amazing there are only two jeeps from Kail to Taobutt first at 7 a.m. and 2nd superstar at 11 a.m. so I hopped on 7 a.m. Jeep and left for Tao Butt ok so we have got a break while going to Taobutt after 2 hours what is the name of this place? Janwai… Janwi?? Janwaiiiii.. Tea house let’s give me a cup of tea oh I forgot one thing if you want to enjoy this bumpy travel of taobutt then you must know the songs of 1980s and 1990s ok so finally we have reached taobutt after travelling around 4 hours and this is the first view according to locals this water is coming from Indian side kishanganga Dam song so Taobutt is last village of Kashmir and if you see, those Mountains are of Indian side So this is last point of Pakistan well I am not aware why this place has a name of Taobutt let’s ask some local people Assalamu Alaikum sir please tell why the name of this place is Taobutt don’t know, this name is before us Tao is ROTI PAN BUTT is stone the old people used to cook roti on stone there was no Roti pans at that time so that’s why its name is Tao Butt so how is a Stone pan? you keep the stone like this and then burn a fire on the sides then put the Roti on its sides normally all the houses here are built from wood because there are a lot of trees here one thing to note, I was thinking that there will be cold weather at Taobutt but this is week of August and all the snow is melted already so there is no such cold here Although you have to take blanket at the night but weather is pleasant, not that cold assalamu Alaikum what is your name Junaid what do you do Junaid? I am in civil services Mashallah awesome so it’s been about 2 days that we started our travel and we have passed from almost all the valleys of Kashmir you will note lot of white colour butterflies here I will show you where I will find like I found in Kail, Arang Kail, Ath Muqam and now at Taobutt so here are some guest houses built in Taobutt with basic necessities only and I am feeling that a very good view is coming ahead let me show you as well shouldn’t we go there? after reaching this point it seems that it was worth spending time and money the four hours travel on bumpy roads that have changed my location of heart, kidney and lever 🙂 but this view has made be forgotten all that.. so this water is coming from india kishanganga Dam which India has recently constructed and lot of water flow has been restricted towards pakistan but still water is flowing and its beautiful after this point Azad Kashmir government has made a Trout fish hatchery unit ok so now we have reached at fish hatchery unit and lets find what we have here to see Assalamu Alaikum how are you and what’s your name Abdul Jalal i am Bilal Azam came from Lahore so these are official babies of Trout fish these were only babies now we will see the big ones so these are the big ones around 1.5 feet long and the weight is around 2 kg so how you get its feed? You make it? from Lahore oh… from our city Lahore the feed contains all the proteins lipids and other elements so this was the last village of Neelam Valley- TAOBUTT !! if I summarize there are three main attractions of Taobutt the journey along bluewater stream its Bridge point and fish hatchery unit although this is a very small point. but it is a very good place for a half day trip after spending around 3 hours I took 1.30pm jeep and left for Kail to spend a night once again a long journey of bumpy roads started but this time political discussion replaced the old songs discussion we kept on discussing and the driver kept on listening and took us towards Kail

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