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Tampa’s Westchase Neighborhoods + Homes – What You Need to Know | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY

what has made Westchase one of the most
popular Tampa Bay area neighborhoods for the last 20 years that’s an easy
question and today I’m going to show you I’m Melanie Atkinson with Smith and
associates real estate and today I’m highlighting one of my favorite Tampa
Bay area neighborhoods Westchase I personally lived in Westchase for five
years back in the early to mid 2000s and since the beginning of my real estate
career Westchase has been one of the neighborhoods that I have specialized in
so what I’m gonna do for you today is try to give you as much information as
possible about West chase the neighborhood so you can decide whether
it’s the right fit for you whether you’re coming from out of state or
whether you’re moving from within the Tampa Bay area let’s get started Westchase is a large master plan community with over 3,500 homes there are all
different types of homes within Westchase you have apartments condos
townhouses villas and single family homes big and small there’s pretty much
a type and size of home for everybody it covers over 2,000 acres in the northwest
portion of Hillsborough County Westchase’s location has always been one of
its most appealing features it’s about 20 minutes from the West Shore business
district and Tampa International Airport approximately 30 minutes from downtown
Tampa and depending on which Beach you want to go to it’s anywhere from 30 to
45 minutes to one of the area’s fabulous beaches but more than that WestChase is
in the middle of the entire Tampa Bay area so whether you have to go north
into Pasco County or west into Clearwater safety harbor Dunedin west
chases central location makes that an easy Drive there are two main roads that
run through West chase the main east-west road is Linebaugh Avenue and
Country Way Boulevard is the main north-south road most of the
neighborhood entrances are directly off of either Linebaugh Avenue or countrywe
Boulevard and as an aside Linebaugh Avenue is a really pretty road to drive
on when the crepe myrtles are in bloom visually Westchase is a beautiful area
that sells itself when potential buyers are driving through if you go back to
2001 none of West Park Village was around I
remember trying to eat out and really the only restaurants that were here were
make divots down by Publix in the Applebee’s so we get to go from
Applebee’s all the time and since that time it’s it’s grown up
so much and then in O six I moved to Highland Park which is in the West chase
area and lived there for nine years so really I spent 14 years of my life in
this area and then working and living here there’s really not a lot that I
don’t know about the area so let’s talk about how the neighborhood breaks down
one of the things that I get asked most often when I’m driving around with
clients that are not familiar with large master plan communities is are we still
in West J’s so let me tell you how I explain that’s people if you think of
West a Stan outline West chase would be the title of that outline from there you
would have one of the main neighborhoods let’s say the Fords for this example
that would be Roman numeral number one the Fords under that would be the
villages within the Ford so a Stamford B Castleford C chums furred and so on and
so forth so when you’re in Chelmsford you’re actually in the Fords in Westchase it can get a little confusing but if you think of it that way it makes it
a little bit easier so you can do that break down with any of the large
neighborhoods within Westchase the Greens West Park Village and so on as
far as the actual homes are concerned within West chase most of the homes are
the typical Florida style homes that were built in the 1990s and early 2000s
they were then and still are very popular because of their functional
floor plans if you’re looking for something a little bit different there
are neighborhoods within West chase that offer different exteriors
for example West Park Village has some great neo-traditional floor plans and
exteriors with front porches and shutters the greens has some wonderful
two-story floor plans with stone on the exterior and then Harbor links in the
estates were built by luxury builders and have some high-end and unique
features as I mentioned before West Chase has all types of homes there are
villas which in West Chase would be one-story attached on one side
townhouses which are typically two stories attached on both sides unless
you have an in unit and there are condos which depending on
the actual complex and unit that you choose can be either one two or three
stories in West J’s so next let’s talk about the West chase school zones which
is another question I get all the time there are a lot of schools in the area
in general today I’m going to talk just about the schools that residents within
the Westchase boundaries would be zoned for but if you’re curious about the
other schools in the area check out my next video which will specifically talk
about the other neighborhoods surrounding Westchase in the schools
that they are zoned for West J’s and Lowry elementary are the two elementary
schools that Westchase residents are zoned for most residents within West
chase are zone four Westchase Elementary which is on Linebaugh Avenue
Lowry elementary is located in country way which is south of Westchase the
neighborhoods that are specifically zoned for Lowry elementary are the
enclave Berkeley Square Keswick Forest Glen field
Bennington wycliffe would Bay and Glenn cliff
those are the school zone for Lowry elementary as far as the middle school
is concerned all Westchase residents regardless of what elementary school you
went to our zone for Davidson middle same is true for the high school all
West chase residents are zoned for Alonso High School if you want
alternative schooling options magnet charter private schools there are some
of those close by as well I’m not going to get into all of those right now but I
will be happy to talk to you guys individually about those options now
let’s talk about how to have fun in West Jays today everybody wants walkability
and the good news is is you don’t have to live in a crowded city to be able to
walk or bike to your favorite restaurants shops or bars West Shea’s
has some of the best so one of the benefits of living in Florida is you can
do year-round outdoor activities and west chase has some great options within
West chase there is an 18-hole public golf course there are also two tennis
centers and two pools for residents to enjoy
if you have little ones there are some beautifully well-maintained parks and
playgrounds where you can rent out a pavilion and have a great birthday party
where everyone can have a good time there are wide sidewalks for safe
walking to all of these different amenities and one of my favorite pieces
of insider information is that from baybridge Park you can actually walk
underneath Linebaugh Avenue and a tunnel to get to the other side of the street
and reach the town center on Montague Avenue it’s a lot of fun for both adults
and kids throughout the year there are tons of community events that take place
in West chase I’m not going to name them all here but West chase residents have
this magazine that comes out the first of every month and will give you a whole
rundown of everything that’s going on in the West Chase neighborhood West chase
residents are truly lucky to have this neighborhood resource so that’s about it
for West Chase 101 there’s still so much to learn about this great neighborhood
and I’m happy to answer any questions you have if you enjoyed this video and
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john milner

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You better have a 6 figure job if your wanting westchase …


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thoughts on Sarasota? I'm looking to possibly move there! Not sure if you have ever been to that region? 🙂 Currently living in Orlando but want to be closer to the beach.

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