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Nightcore ↬ Burning House [lyrics]

My father left at 9 years old and mama stayed out in the cold I made a promise I will never be them … But here I am inside this place Suffocated by your face I choose to stay cuz I’m too Scared of leaving … So you’re smashing frames and make me hurt and […]

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How To Become A Landlord Of Multiple Properties

You’re thinking it really big if you’re trying to figure out how to become a landlord of multiple properties. My name is Kris Krohn and today me and my friends, Steven Michael Miller are going to lay out a roadmap of what you need to do, to have one home turn into two, turn into […]

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In Residence Ep 11: “Fernando Romero” by Matthew Donaldson

The most important things in your life, they come to you You are sometimes obsessive to try to get something, and you don’t get it, but then in other contexts and at other moments you simply receive the things that come to you and I was just driving one day down this street and the […]

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Welcome To My House | VLOG 001

Test one two. What’s going on? Tripp Kramer here from www.trippadvice.com What’s up man? How are you? I’m doing fantastic because what I’m doing here is starting a new vlog series. What I want to do is put out some blogs for you. A little bit different than the videos I’ve been doing in the […]

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5 Property Investment Tips for Beginners | Property Investing UK

Hey, hi, Samuel Leeds here, and on this video I wanted to give you five tips for if you’re starting out in property, or you want to be a property investor, entrepreneur, then these five tips really should help you in getting you started. So firstly is to just set a realistic goal. I speak […]

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Undercover Mary | EWU Valentine’s Day 2020

[eerie piano music, with sounds of thunder and rain] Losing touch? LOSING TOUCH?! SARA: You are the president of the University. MARY: And apparently I’m losing touch with my students. We start in the theatre department. We don’t have much time! You’re serious? [pop music] JEFFREY: You want to do what?! MARY: Enroll as a […]

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Full House | 풀하우스 EP.1 [SUB : ENG]

Mr. Lee. What’s going on with her, Mr. Lee? Mr. Lee? Episode 1 Crazy… why did he come back? If he left like that, then that should’ve have been the end. Why is he back? Why? Ah, that’s right, that’s it. Oh, she was pregnant with his child.. Wow, it’s getting more and more interesting. […]

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Your Ego Is Holding You Back!

If there was one thing that I could do to completely transform your dating life, it would be to reach into your brain and remove your ego. Why? Because the ego is the thing that is completely holding you back. It is keeping you in fear mode and it’s preventing you from really taking chances […]

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Stunning Condo on “Millionaire’s Row”

– How many times have you seen a Pasadena home or condo that’s described as stunning, when it’s actually pretty average? (laughs) Well, you’re in for a treat today, because I’m selling a condo on South Orange Grove that’s actually stunning, and it’s going on the market for under a million dollars, which I won’t […]

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[The Bedroom Sessions] “No Make Up” Zion T. Cover by Noonbeat [Live Cover]

with thick makeup and pretty hair You look pretty as you leave home today With high heals on And wearing a short skirt, you Are so beautiful but You probably don’t know How pretty your slightly puffy face is in the morning You probably don’t know How pretty you are after you wash your face […]

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