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Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, & Trade Secrets

When operating your business, you may find yourself inventing something new, creating a brand for your product or service, creating media to promote your product or service, or keeping proprietary information that gives your business a competitive advantage. In other words, you’ll be creating intellectual property. In this video, I’m going to briefly explain the […]

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Bergen Street Sign Shop

when you ride the subways a lot it’s easy to take signage for granted but clear signs are crucial to effective truck hi my name is Barry and I’m a sign painter at station signage it’s a very small shop and there’s only 11 us and we produce a tremendous amount of work we do […]

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Intellectual Property: Protection & Infringement

Kauffman Founders School, Peter D. McDermott, Intellectual Property, I.P. Protection & Avoiding Infringement

 >>You’ve got an intellectual property strategy that’s terrific. And you’ve been following it diligently, even better. And the result, of course, is that you’ve identified a number of different technological points that might be worth protecting. Might be worth getting intellectual property […]

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How Much Passive Income Can a Granny Flat Earn?

We talk a lot about building and renting out a granny flat in the two properties to financial freedom strategy, but how much passive income can a granny flat actually produce? So how much positive cashflow does the granny flats spin off? And then also how long is it going to take to completely pay […]

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Agujeros de Guión: TERMINATOR GENISYS / GÉNESIS (Errores, crítica y resumen)

My book now for sale PLOT HOLES Today I finally finish analyzing the Terminator saga with … Terminator Genesis. Or “YENISAIS” or as it is said. I think the writers were wrong to write the subtitle, but they pulled forward. And they did the same with the entire script of the movie. TERMINATOR GENYSIS (2015) […]

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If your shop assistant was an app (hidden camera)

– That looks good. – I’d like to see the last five text messages you’ve sent. – Excuse me? – My phone number? Then I want yours too. – No way. No, I refuse. – I sent a text to my sister. – And what’s her number? – I can’t give you her number. Certainly […]

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How to plot inequalities on a number line | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

I’m starting to take a little bit more care of my health, and I start counting my actual calories. And let’s say C is equal to the number of calories I eat in a given day. And I want to lose some weight. So, in particular, I want to eat less than 1,500 calories in […]

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Tenant Screening My First Rental Real Estate Investing 2019

in today’s video I’m gonna give you my tips and tricks on how to avoid nightmare tenants and how to properly screen potential tenants welcome back to the channel guys my name is Bruce Wang I’m a real estate investor dividend collector just turned youtuber and I’ve been requested many times on this video how […]

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Surface Pro 6 | NFL Teammates & Cupcake Shop Owners (Extended Version)

Sweat. Dedication. Cupcakes. I’m Michael Griffin. I’m Brian Orakpo. We played football together in college. And then for the Titans. Now, we own a cupcake shop. We thought it’d be unique to be football players that are still playing at a high level and literally wearing aprons. [yells] I love this new Surface Pro. It’s […]

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Thrift Shop (Vintage “Grandpa Style” Macklemore Cover) feat. Robyn Adele Anderson

I’m gonna pop some tags Only got twenty dollars in my pocket I, I, I’m hunting Looking for a come up This is freaking awesome Walk into the club like, what up? I’m such a big shot I’m so pumped, I bought some swag from the thrift shop Ice on the fringe, is so damn […]

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