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Interior Design Tips: Sofas for small spaces – a shopping guide!

Today I’m talking about small space sofas and what to look for when you’re out shopping. Whenever I’m dealing with small living spaces and specifically looking for seating for a small living room there are a few handy little tips that I look for that will make the space look and feel more open and […]

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NEVER TOO SMALL ep.17 22m2 micro apartment – Nanopad

This building is called Ballina, it’s an Art Deco building. This apartment is 22 square meters it’s always a pierrot tear for some clients of ours, but to be able to rent it out for a short-term rental when they weren’t here. When we first came to visit it. The layout was completely different. It […]

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5 Reasons Why Foreigners Can’t Rent Apartments in Japan

Hey what’s up YouTube? Are you new to Japan? Thinking about moving to Japan? Or you’ve been here a while, and you have difficulty finding a place to live? Well, here are the five reasons why foreigners are denied housing in Japan. Please Like & Subscribe. All right, you’re a perfect candidate for the apartment […]

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