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A Peaceful, Clean Brooklyn Home | House Tours |Apartment Therapy

– Hi, I’m Rachel. Welcome to my 500 square foot apartment in Carroll Gardens. Come on in. (melodious instrumental music) I live in the apartment with my partner Stacey and our cat Savannah. I would say my style is comfortable and clean with enough space to think but to be creative. That’s true at Soapwalla […]

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20 Small Apartment Remodeling & design ideas

if you’re starting to feel like your small apartment is more cramped than cozy maybe it’s time you try some of these 20 small apartment remodeling ideas. The main problem is not the apartment itself but the condition it is in; that’s why remodeling could be your best bet. 20. Repaint the Walls If you […]

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Tiny Apartment #5 | BEST Interior Decorating | Small Spaces IDI

Hello and welcome! In this video you will see the most beautiful tiny apartments. Bright, beautiful bedroom and orange bedding. Tiny bathrooms. Loft style apartment design. Bright, tiny kitchen. Studio apartment, kitchen, dining room and tiny bedroom. Glass partition. Loft bedroom. Thank you for watching! Subscribe to my channel RunmanReCords Design!

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Studio Apartment Room Divider – IKEA HACK!

How’s it going guys I’m Mark the Designer from Manchester design studio. I recently started my very own studio apartment design project and as part of that we built this room divider that you can see behind us here The best thing about this, is all we did we used IKEA pack sliding wardrobe doors […]

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The Itsy bitsy apartment with huge design – Tiny, Eclectic Amazing Spaces video

MICHELLE JAMES: Being in a small space really sets you up to weed out the things that are just there to fill space. I tell people how small it is. I think when they first come in, they think, wow, it really is that small. I’m Michelle James, and I’m a product photographer. And this […]

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The most unique apartment in all of New York City – OffBeat Spaces Video

NICOLE BEAUCHAMP: My name is a Nicole Beauchamp. I’m a real estate broker in Manhattan with Warburg Realty. When I first came to the apartment, it was impeccably clean. The owner was in town for a few days to interview new brokers. It was basically just as you see it today. I think the owner […]

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Apartment Tour 2017 — Studio in LA

Apartment Tour 2017 — Small / Cheap Studio in LA by Victoria X Rave hello come on in come on in don’t mind the doorknob don’t mind the doorknob when you first walk in you’re going to see all of our shoes they’re all right Apartment Tour 2017 — Small / Cheap Studio in LA […]

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A Healing Home In Bushwick | House Tours | Apartment Therapy

– Hey, guys, I’m Hayley, welcome to my Bushwick apartment. (peaceful music) I was diagnosed with my chronic illness, ulcerative colitis. Someone who’s afflicted with this incurable chronic illness has ulcers throughout their digestive tract and it can be really painful and it makes you lose a lot of blood, it makes you exhausted all […]

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Tiny Studio Apartment – Sleeping Loft and Moving Staircase (Zoku)

Welcome guys we are here in Amsterdam with Hans and he is presenting this Zoku space to us. Zoku is a hybrid between a place to live and to work, and for that we developed the Zoku loft. The Zoku loft has everything to live comfortably but also to work efficiently so you find a […]

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Studio Apartment Tour and Remodel – Renovation Inspiration Episode 5 Lamps Plus

Welcome to Renovation Inspiration sponsored by Lamps Plus. I’m Lori Dennis and today we will be checking out the progress on the Green Monster. We just bought this Green Monster 3,600 square foot, five bedroom home we’re gonna turn into a three unit rental. It has wall-to-wall carpeting somebody dropped their towel onto the tub […]

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