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Small Apartment Tour – Two Bedroom Apartment in Tehran, Iran

Hey so I’m at my aunt’s apartment in Tehran Iran and this is actually probably the third apartment tour video I’m doing for my Youtube channel but I just can’t help it because there are so many amazing apartments and homes in my family I have a lot of really talented decorators in my family […]

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Small Apartment Tour – Colorful One Bedroom in Tehran, Iran

hello welcome to my cousin’s apartment in Tehran Iran so I just saw this for the first time today a couple of hours ago and I am totally totally obsessed this is what you see when you walk in so it’s so colorful it’s so bright and happy and cozy and modern like all at […]

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Tiny Studio Apartment – Sleeping Loft and Moving Staircase (Zoku)

Welcome guys we are here in Amsterdam with Hans and he is presenting this Zoku space to us. Zoku is a hybrid between a place to live and to work, and for that we developed the Zoku loft. The Zoku loft has everything to live comfortably but also to work efficiently so you find a […]

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