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Beautiful Apartments, On-Budget Design Ideas

Almost twenty-five beautiful rental apartments in this short video. Smart decorating and furnishing ideas that can help you to turn a rented place with a boring look into a warm and inviting home. Beautiful ideas for a low-budget contemporary apartment design. Simple, beautiful and inexpensive apartment design ideas. Furniture arrangement ideas and decorations. Great ideas […]

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Why Rent Control Hurts Renters

There’s no hot button issue hotter than rent control. Even the most courageous politican quakes at the idea of opposing it. For starters, no one likes landlords. Second, those who benefit from rent control – and there are a lot of them — vote. And it has huge emotional appeal. Imagine this six o’clock news […]

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5 Reasons Why Foreigners Can’t Rent Apartments in Japan

Hey what’s up YouTube? Are you new to Japan? Thinking about moving to Japan? Or you’ve been here a while, and you have difficulty finding a place to live? Well, here are the five reasons why foreigners are denied housing in Japan. Please Like & Subscribe. All right, you’re a perfect candidate for the apartment […]

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