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Buy-To-Let Properties for First Time Buyers

Hey, what’s up? On this video, I wanted to give a real practical video explaining how to get your first buy-to-let property investment. The thing is, we’re getting people watching my videos. We’re getting people come onto my two-day Property Investors Crash Course. They’re finding fantastic property deals, and they’re like, “Great. How do I […]

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UK Property Investing For Beginners | Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds here and in this video I’m going to be sharing with you the seven steps to starting out in property for complete beginners even if you are a teenager so stay tuned. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone yes have some fun and you’re gonna make some money you […]

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8 Ideas For Starting Out In Property | Samuel Leeds

Hi, my name’s Samuel Leeds. In this video, I’ve got eight ideas that maybe things that you’ve not thought of, maybe things that will surprise you, things that you probably should be considering if you’re starting out as a property investor. Number one is to rent out part of your existing home. Now you might […]

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MAGIC WORDS To Get BARGAIN Properties | Samuel Leeds

Samuel: My name’s Samuel Leeds, and on this video I’m going to be showing you exactly how you can find properties 20% below market value, and more, every single day. Samuel: Now previously in the past, I’ve talked about how return on investment is the thing you really should be looking for. Don’t worry about […]

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My Property Business Plan of 2018 | Samuel Leeds

Hi, my name is Samuel Leeds and, in this video I’m going to do something absolutely crazy that I don’t think any other property investors are doing. In this video I’m going to expose and reveal my 2018 property investor’s business plan. It means that you will get to see exactly what I am planning […]

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How to Invest in UK Property from Overseas | Samuel Leeds Coaching

Samuel: Hello, how’s it going guys? Chris: Good thank you, yourself? Samuel: Really good. So it’s Chris and Poppy, right? Chris: It is, yeah. Samuel: Excellent. So I’ve seen your question, you’ve said that you are living in Australia, have been doing for the last six years? Chris: Yeah. Samuel: You’re wanting to move back […]

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My 2018 Property Portfolio REVEALED | Samuel Leeds

What’s up guys? Samuel Leeds here and you may have watched last year, 12 months ago, I did a video and I’ve never known anyone do a video like this. It was one of my most popular YouTube videos where I exposed, I revealed my 2018 property investing business plan and I’ve told everybody exactly […]

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UK Property Investment – How To Invest In Property 2019

Hi, what’s up. My name’s Samuel Leeds. In this video I wanted to explain how you can invest in UK property investment. First thing, before I tell you how and what steps you should take I’m just going to explain why I personally love buying property investment in the UK and that is because if […]

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How To Invest £30,000 In UK Property | Samuel Leeds

I get asked a lot what would I do if I had 30,000 pounds to invest in property? How exactly would I invest it? So on this video I’m going to be explaining what I would do with 30K. Okay, so if I had 30,000 pounds in the world and that’s all I had to […]

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Rent-To-Rent HMO – How to Find Rent2Rent HMO Properties UK | Winners on a Wednesday #21

Samuel: Welcome to ‘Winners on a Wednesday.’ This week we’ve got two absolutely awesome guys here, a great couple. We’re gonna be talking about Rent2Rent. So please welcome onto the show, Jordan and Jess. Jordan: Thank you very much for bringing us down here, Samuel. Jessica: Thank you. Nice to see you. Samuel: Really good […]

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