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Effective Nuclear Charge, Shielding effect, & Periodic Properties Tutorial; Crash Chemistry Academy

Today’s video is about shielding and effective nuclear charge. Shielding and effective nuclear charge are in a sense two sides of the same coin. It gives us a model to understand how the behavior of atoms derives from the interplay of positive and negative particles in the atom. And we call that behavior atomic properties. […]

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I Confronted My Lover’s Pregnant Bride. She Told Me All His Secrets || Best True Stories Animated

Hi! My name is Norma, and I am nineteen years old. It has been almost a year since I moved away from my parents, and I have to admit that I was very proud to be so independent. But a little while ago something happened, and afterward I really wanted to go back to my […]

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Should I Have 2 Cats in a Small Apartment?

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s hard to say. I mean, has your cat ever had access to another cat before? Does your cat like cats? As long as you have– I mean, again, not to sound like a broken record– but when you have a one bedroom place and multiple cats you just want to make sure […]

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