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Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

>>Interviewer: So what does being an upstairs neighbor mean to you?>>David: It means we make sound.>>Julia: People think of neighborly noise as a nuisance but we think of it as an art form.>>We want the sounds to be different but completely unrecognizable.>>It just sounds like bowling balls. That can’t be what it is but that’s […]

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The Gecko Sells an Apartment – GEICO

This is actually under your budget. – It’s great. – Mm-hmm. Yeah, and when you move in, GEICO could help you save on renters’ insurance! Man 1: (Behind wall) Yep, GEICO helped me with renters insurance, too! Um… the walls seem a bit thin… Man 2: (Behind wall) They are! And Craig practices the accordion […]

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