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Katy TX Neighborhoods – Pin Oak Village

Today we’re going to visit Pin Oak Village in Katy, South of the I – 10 at zip code 77494, lets see what the homes are like here, so lets get started! So here we are in Pin Oak Village, it’s located South of the I-10, along Pin Oak and Westheimer Parkway. This is a […]

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Apartment Tour: It’s All About Those Eclectic Vibes

– Hey, come on in. Let me show you around. So because I have a studio, I really wanted a way to divide my space into different rooms. So I put these up, which is kind of a room divider. This I feel has become a focal point for my apartment. So I’ve decided to […]

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What It Costs To Live In San Francisco | Making It

Everyone wants a piece of San Francisco right now. That’s why it’s so hard to live here I’m assistant professor of sociology at San Francisco State University. Between me and my partner we make anywhere between a $100,000 and $110,000 a year and that’s considered low income here. My family of four: my partner, our […]

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Small Space Optimized City Apartment | With Baby Nursery, Walk In & Custom Build Furniture

Hey guys! This week we’re visiting Julie, her boyfriend and her little son. They are living downtown in a city apartment, and they chose to stay in a small apartment with a kid, to be close to city life. So let’s go talk to her and see what their space looks like! My name is […]

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Bangkok apartment tour | Downtown Thai condo review | Affordable accommodation Thailand Airbnb rent

hi guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Tatiana and I’m a fashion photographer in today’s video I’m going to show you my apartment in Bangkok Thailand I’m currently here on vacation and yeah let’s get right into it I’m renting this apartment via Airbnb by the way I […]

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My Minimalist Apartment Tour 2019 | Bahasa Indonesia (English sub)

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel! In this video, I will show you the video that all of you have been requesting for, which is my apartment tour So I will show you my kitchen, living room, my working space, and where I bought my furnitures So, what are we waiting for… Let’s get […]

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Yo, yo. Welcome to the next episode Some time ago, in fact long ago I promised that I will show where I live, how i live and i will show all this stuff So at first glance the hallway and ferrets Honk Ferrets are sleeping And more or less this is how my hallway looks, […]

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LA Tiny Apartment Tour | #withcaptions by @paulidin

Oh! I definitely saw you there because my apartment now is so tiny it would be impossible to miss you. Welcome to my LA apartment tour! [music] Okay! So, this is my tiny 400 square foot studio apartment in LA, in Koreatown. I’ve been told by my friend Ahsante that I shouldn’t give you my […]

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China Vlog: Peaceful Park Near Our Nanjing Apartment (CC)

This is the park that is right across the street from our little apartments. So, my plan for the morning is to sit in here and read, so I thought I’d take you along with me. Puppy! Hello, puppy. All right, I found a place that I like. Here’s my view. It rained yesterday, so […]

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Creek Way | *Houses for sale in Burlington* | Team Bridges – Oakville Real Estate

Hi everyone Ross Bridges here – Team Bridges – Remax AboutTown just here at 1745 Creek Way unit number eight for sale here in Burlington. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to check out any up-and-coming listings and I hope you enjoy the video of this home here for sale in Burlington I’m back, hope […]

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