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Underground Shopping for K-Pop Merch in Myeongdong

Today I’m here in Garosugil Because, oh my gosh I can’t even see the screen. Today I’m in Garuso-gil to meet up with Two youtubers that i have been watching for awhile now so im really excited you guys will find out who they are very very soon They wanted to eat at March Rabbit […]

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Alcohol properties | Alcohols, ethers, epoxides, sulfides | Organic chemistry | Khan Academy

Let’s think a little bit about some of the properties of alcohol. So the general formula for an alcohol we saw is some type of group or chain of carbons bonded to an oxygen, bonded to a hydrogen. And of course, the oxygen will have two lone pairs just like that. Let’s compare this to […]

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Visiting R.L. Stine: an Apartment Meant to Give You ‘Goosebumps’

I’m R.L. Stine and I write the “Goosebumps” books. Well, I spend a lot of time in this room. This is sort of my shrine to myself. I try to have a lot of atmosphere in my office in case kids come to visit. As you can see I have a three-foot-long cockroach. You don’t […]

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Tiny house built to meet building codes in EUROPE | France, Germany, Denmark, England..

Hi guys, welcome to this week’s video! We are in Denmark this week and we are having a tour by Tiny House Living and it’s Michael who’s a builder and he’s gonna show us around in this beautiful tiny house. It is, I think, the first and the only tiny house company in Denmark, so […]

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Low Price Agricultural land for sale – Andhra Pradesh Registration

We have lot of Agricultural Property Available for sale, Pleas visit more https://property.adskhan.com/agriculture-land-for-sale Or contact serious buyers only 9884342786

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My New Apartment in Seoul, Korea | Home Tour

Hi, everyone! Today, I’m finally sharing my apartment tour. My mom and brother lives with me, so I’m only going to share my room and the living room. My room is quite simple, the color scheme is white, beige and a little bit of green here and there. By the entrance, I have a stand […]

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Multi-Generational Syracuse Home Home For Sale With Two Kitchens (Real Estate)

Hello everyone! This is Ann Zieve with the Northern Utah Home Team and Keller Williams Success Realty and today I’m excited to introduce you to 1123 West 3150 South in Syracuse. This is a spacious home on a third of an acre so you have lots of elbow room inside and out. You have a […]

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Show me your Flat 2.0 – Big changes coming up!

Welcome my friends nice to have you here! Its Show me your Flat 2.0 again. We are back at the new location Today we have a little bit more light so I thought lets check it out again So you can see its almost completely painted and clean All of the walls are smooth now. […]

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Inverse property of addition | Arithmetic properties | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

Let’s say that we have the number 5, and we’re asked, what number do we add to the number 5 to get to 0? And you might already know this, but I’ll just draw it out. So let’s say we have a number line right over here. And 0 is sitting right over there. And […]

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Inside Joanne Palmaro’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

My name is Joanne, I was born in Nice, I have Italian roots. I’ve been living in Paris for 8 years now. I’m a model for brands that match me, an actress too, and I write scripts. My first fashion memory was the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show for the 1998 World Cup set to […]

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