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Soaring Rents Squeeze Section 8 Tenants

I’ve been on Section 8 since 2007, and when I was homeless with my two younger sons, we were living with different relatives, we were living on the couches, we were living in our car and when Section 8 said ok, you can come get your voucher I was like okay it’s-it’s like a god-sent […]

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Non-smoking apartments sell out in Zurich

Philipp Bollier is very pleased. The 32-year-old architect is the new tenant of this 4.5-room, 122 m2, apartment in Zurich. It’s newly renovated – and smoking is strictly forbidden. I think the concept is great. I am an adamant non-smoker. It’s OK if people smoke, but it’s also cool to sleep with the window open […]

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How To Rent An Apartment in Japan (No Foreigners Allowed)

many of you are probably seeing this survey conducted regarding foreigners residing here in Japan in this video I take a look at the results of that survey and also share my experiences in renting an apartment in Japan [Music] the Japanese government conducted a first-of-its-kind survey that was aimed at obtaining a detailed understanding […]

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MnDHR: Housing Discrimination and the Minnesota Human Rights Act | Webinar

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s webinar series, Housing Discrimination and the Minnesota Human Rights Act: Help your clients secure and establish stable housing. For today’s webinar, the audio will be muted for participants. You will find the chat feature to ask questions. Please type your questions into the chat box. We will hold these […]

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5 Reasons Why Foreigners Can’t Rent Apartments in Japan

Hey what’s up YouTube? Are you new to Japan? Thinking about moving to Japan? Or you’ve been here a while, and you have difficulty finding a place to live? Well, here are the five reasons why foreigners are denied housing in Japan. Please Like & Subscribe. All right, you’re a perfect candidate for the apartment […]

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