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Apartment Sessions: Season 3 – No Miracle (Susan Gascho-Cooke)

I have only tears to baptize,only fumbling hands to bless.One little fishand a handful of crumbs,I have waited here …no miracle comes.Your body is tired,my spirit is weak.You ask me to pray,I ask your forgiveness.If Heaven proves falseI promise that wewill rival that feast inmy kitchen.We’ll fry bitter onionsin the fat of the land.We’ll toast […]

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Haunted Apartment Update | Paranormal Story Time [CC]

hello welcome or welcome back to my channel my name is Katie and I’m back with another spooky Tuesday, and it looks exactly like one of my recent ones because hello I’m filming two in a row while my roommate’s not here. Also I have to post one that I filmed while I was still […]

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