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Weylie Moves to Los Angeles | Apartment Hunting | ilikeweylie

It’s really starting to feel more and more official Hello everybody. Welcome back to your girl’s channel. So I wanted to start the short series on my channel called “Weylie Moves to Los Angeles” to document my journey of moving to LA from San Francisco! About a week and a half ago Wah and I […]

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Living tiny in Portland for $300/month

– We bought this house and crammed eight people into one lot. We survive because the neighbors don’t rat us out, and everybody loves us apparently. So it also helps that our tiny houses are cute and not janky sheds. – [Narrator] Portland, Oregon is known of the epicenter of the tiny home movement. Tiny […]

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We Applied For An Apartment | Thoughts On Quitting Van Life

We just applied for an apartment It’s like literally the first one we looked at. Yep that’s it! It’s the first apar… well, actually we looked online but we applied there because they were giving you two months rent free and they gave us a $500 gift card We figured that two months rent free […]

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The REAL cost of an Apartment 2019! (Hidden Leasing Fees?)

How’s it going y’all, my name is Chris with apartments near me and today I’m gonna be breaking down the expenses you could see when renting a new apartment. Before we get started with the video it’s important to note that anytime you are making an important financial decision or signing a contract you should […]

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Here’s What $1,000 A Month In Rent Gets You Around The World

here’s what $1,000 a month in rent gets you around the world if you live in a big city you know that the only thing funnier than housing pricing jokes is the actual price that good housing goes for whether you’re a first-time homebuyer congratulations we think or just a student figuring out how to […]

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Toronto Apartments for Rent – Apartment Hunting: Found It! 100 Wellesley street east

100 Wellesley street east. Found it! So I’m moving to Toronto and I want to do it right. After a quick Google search, I connected with CAPREIT. And the website made it easy to search for apartments in my price range. Booking a tour looked just as simple. I was excited to decorate the space. […]

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Which Apartment Floor is The Best?

Hey renters, I’m Kellen Coak, trade services manager at Rent.com There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a new apartment. But which floor in an apartment building is the best? Top, middle, bottom? Let’s find out. You’re on top of the world! You rarely have to deal with outside noise and […]

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How to Get an Apartment (Apartment Hunting 1/3)

Meet Jasmine. Jasmine is a sophomore at State University who’s trying to find an apartment for next year. She’s super excited about having her own place, and has already found three great roommates to live with her. This is all great news, there’s just one problem. Jasmine has no idea how to find and rent […]

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Can tiny houses save Detroit?

If you’ve never had the opportunity to own a home, this is a once in a lifetime dream come true opportunity. Detroit is building the country’s first tiny home community to help low income residents become homeowners. It was started by Reverend Faith Fowler, who turned a personal loss into a gift for her community. […]

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Chiang Mai Apartment Hunt | HIGH SEASON 2018 – 2019

Full. No vacancy. Sold out. (inaudible) Hunting for an apartment in Chiang Mai high season is stressful. You may need to settle for Baan Sai… Except they’re sold out too. (Music) Hi and welcome to my channel. If you’re new here my name is Megan and I bring you new videos every Tuesday on travel […]

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