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Sweet 16 Shopping Fail

[Captions by Y Translator]
Hey Shari… But I was thinking
when you get home from track, we could go Sweet 16 shopping. All right, there’s only one rule
while we’re here. Find what you like. Okay. And Run! You want some
skin care products? Do you want to go
prom dress shopping? No. Do– Does–
Do any of you like this? No? I just came out of the door,
and it remind me of the time, it was like once,
1:20 in the morning, like a super random time, and I just walked
into the bathroom, and Dad is on my toilet,
and he’s like, “Shari, I’m here.” I was like… It was so weird. Talk about walking
into your only girls bathroom, and then seeing a man. Well, especially like… We happen to be up
at the exact same time. Like, it was so weird. Dad was probably
using your bathroom because he didn’t want
to wake me up. I think that’s what he said. The Tooth Fairy came. The Tooth Fairy came? And I got $2, and there’s leftover
of that soup. Oh, at school,
you want some money to buy soup? Yeah, ’cause it’s so good.>>I want to buy it again.
>>Okay. Is it curry? Is that what he does? Indian food? Okay. I’ve got my retainer in
because it’s morning, but at school,
at their kids school, this teacher makes this Indian
food every once in a while, and if the kids bring money
to pay for the ingredients, they get to have
that for lunch. Are you asking me
for the $4 it requires? He’s asking for $2. Or are you asking for $2 because the Tooth Fairy
already gave you $2? I’m just wondering
if you could give me 2 more, because I have 2. Oh, so you’re willing
to pay for it yourself? That’s a very nice thing. What if I gave you $4
so you could keep the other 2? Okay. Would that work? Because I hate to, for you to spend
your Tooth Fairy money when you just got it. Yea. I mean, that’s no fun. Yeah. Okay. The Tooth Fairy still
hasn’t came for the last time I, for December. You just have
a lazy Tooth Fairy, or maybe you’re past the age… Yeah, probably. At what age does the
Tooth Fairy have a cut-off? Let me know, because in our household, we
just haven’t figured it out yet. Have you figured it out? How old are you?>>You’re… 10.
>>10. I think 10 is a good age,
that is a cut-off. But since you lost it at 9… And on Christmas,
and it was my last tooth… Speaking from a woman
who likes to get her pay. All right, let’s see
what we’ve got here. I only have 5’s.>>I only have 5’s.
>>Oh, that reminds me. I want to trade out
some money for $5. Okay. I can just take one $5. I’ll just take a $5. What do you say? Thank you. I think you made off
like a bandit this morning. Okay. So how much money
do we have here? And you want a $5 bill? There you go. Russell, do you want to exchange
me that $5 for these $1’s, and I can give you $4? Okay. Here you go. Thank you. You still made out
like a bandit, son. Okay, get your shoes on,
we’re gonna go. Hey, Shari. I don’t know what
your plans are tonight, but I was thinking
when you get home from track, we could go Sweet 16 shopping. Okay.
I’ll be all sweaty and gross, and my hair looks
like trash, but okay. Okay. I’m glad you want to go. Okay, where are we going? I have been into town… Shari’s 16th birthday
is coming up, and I’ve been into town. I do have a gift for you to open
on your birthday, but I would really just think it would be fun to spend
some time together, and the girls could come. Do you want to go
sweet 16 shopping? Okay. Oh, this is gonna be the best. What are we shopping for? Anything. Everything. A car? Car dealership. Yeah. That’s where I want to go. I am not going to pretend like,
I’m not gonna buy you a car, and then all of a sudden
on your 16th birthday, a car shows up. Oh, I know you’re
not buying me one. Yeah, and I’m not
going to pretend like I’m buying you one. You’re not getting your car. Over the summer, we might. I’m open to the idea
of getting a car if we need one, but I’m not into
the idea of– Just me. You get a car because you’re 16.>>Oh…
>>I know. It’ll make a great video. But it would. So I was thinking more
like Ulta, Dillard’s. Oh, I don’t need makeup. I thought you needed mascara. I can just get at Walmart. You can. You can get it there. Or other things that’s fun. I just need workout clothes. Workout clothes. Bye, Mom. Bye. Love you. I am so sorry to tell
you this, honey, but unless you find a friend who’s willing to share some
of their food with you, I don’t– I don’t think you’re going
to be able to eat. But if you’re not responsible for your lunch
and your lunch money, that’s the natural consequence. And I’m really sorry you’re
learning this the hard way. I will have a wonderful
yummy snack waiting for you when you get home, okay? You just hang in there today, and just make it
make up your mind. You’re going to be
really careful and make sure you grab your stuff
when you go to school next time. And maybe you have a good friend
who will share some of their sandwich
with you or something. Russell, I’m really sorry. I love you. He’s sounded like he
was going to cry. Russell forgot his lunch box. Darn it. Now, we know why everybody is always going
to be older than me. It’s because I was the last one
to be born in the family. Yeah, you figured it out. Oh my gosh. I’m literally– Can you see
the truck back there? I’m literally chasing… Racing the garbage truck. I made it! Thank you. Oh my gosh, he’s the best. Thank you. As soon as I realized
that the cans weren’t taken out, and the garbage man was coming,
I told Eve I said, “You wait right here. Sit right here.” And I sat her
in my friend’s front yard. I said, “Don’t you move.” I have to run down
the street and get my cans out. I’m hoping she did
exactly what I told her, and she’s still sitting there. Oh my gosh. Eve, you’re such a good girl. Thanks for being brave and doing
what I told you to. All right. Now, we can finish
going to preschool. Bye! So before Shari
left for school, and I told her that we were going to go
shopping, she said, “I really want to go
get some track clothes. Some gym shorts and gym tops.” I didn’t say anything,
but what do I do? Because I already bought them. So I don’t want to be like, “Oh no, we can’t shop for that. Just wait for your birthday.” Because then she’ll know what she’s getting
for her birthday. I want her to pick out
a really nice outfit that she can wear on a date, because she’s
gonna start dating. You guys, my girl is old
enough to start dating, and you know what
the funny thing is? I love it. I am really excited. This is what I did for lunch since I called you
at the office today, and I didn’t– And I forgot my lunch. What did you do? Um the… My teacher walked
by at our table, and she was like, “Oh Russell, let’s find something
for you in the Teachers’ lunch,” and… In the Teachers’ Lounge? Yeah, and then we
were walking by.. “Oh, I could actually get you soup.” And then she did. She got you soup? Curry soup? So she bought you– She bought you the soup. Yeah. Our kids have
the sweetest teachers. But guess what? I still have a snack
for you upstairs. No, no! Let me tell you what it is. It’s sushi. Yummy! I’ve never tried sushi before. I want to try it. This one is my favorite, and I saved that one for you
so you could try it. Sushi’s actually not that bad. Oh, I can see the shrimp. Look. Let’s go. What kind of dance is that? [inaudible] the Fortnite dance. My knees are tired. I can’t do that anymore. This is how excited
she is to go shopping. Okay. Are we all here? Oh. We are starting our night off
by getting some– A burrito. Food. All right. There’s only one rule
while we’re here. Find what you like. Okay. And run! I never find anything I like
when we go shopping though. So I’m scared. I’m a little scared too. We’re getting good. Sunglasses? No.>>Do you need sunglasses?
>>Let’s look for outfits first. Outfits first. Okay.
So the question is, do we look in the girl’s
section or the women’s? Women’s, I always
drop by in women’s. All right. Women’s it is. You want some
skin care products? Well, we’ll go wherever
you want to go. Who would want to wear
that kind of dress? With all the lights? I’m kind of in love with this. I would totally wear that. I actually think
this is beautiful. Do you like that? No? Do– Does– Do any
of you like this? No? Anyone? No? We don’t have to stay
in the clothing department. We can go to a different store. Like I don’t need
or want like… Anything? I need socks. So were you just being nice when you said
you’d come shopping? Well, I mean, you wanted to go shopping so I
said I’d go shopping with you. You were more excited
when you told us. So, you’re doing this for me? Yeah. I need socks though. I need socks as well. Let’s get socks
for their birthday.>>So we’ll–
>>For my birthday. We’ll get not just socks
for your birthday, but socks for you. Do want to go
prom dress shopping? No. Come on. No. What prom dress do
you like here? I don’t like any of them, because then, nothing
will fit me. You know what I need? What?
I need a new backpack. No, I don’t– I don’t need it. I want a new backpack. You want a new backpack? Let’s go look at backpacks. Where do we find backpacks? I don’t know if we
can find one here. Dick’s Sporting Goods
is not closed, so we could go
and look for a backpack. Yes. And I also want
some workout clothes. Why don’t we just
look for backpack? That is code for “Mom has already bought
me workout clothes from my birthday,” and… No, that is not. That is not. It isn’t, Shari. I can’t wink. You’re having the worst
16th birthday ever. No, I’m not. Oh, yes, you are. With me and Julie here, [inaudible] are. Those are super cute. Those are so cute. I don’t like them though. One of these days,
you’re going to be driving, and the sun’s going
to be in your eyes, and you’re going to think, say, “I really wish I had found
a pair of sunglasses, and I don’t really care
what they look like.” And then, you’re gonna
crash and die because you didn’t have sunglasses. Do you like the leopard
browns and blacks? Okay, so just black
or just white? Should we get like a someone
to come help us. Oh, Ray-Ban. That’s a good– That’s a really good brand. Well, like the frames just
look– The eyes looks too small. Shari, show us everything
that we got over at the mall. Hold up your bags, nice and high
so everyone can see them. We didn’t get anything. I hate shopping honestly,
especially for clothes. I don’t hate shopping for other [inaudible], but I hate shopping for clothes. I can do it on my own. But Shari had
a really good idea. She said she wanted
to find a backpack. So we’re gonna come find,
hopefully, a backpack. I get teased by a lot of viewers that all my kids ever get
for their birthdays is socks.>>Like that might actually–
>>I need socks. I need socks. We all need it. You are my witness. I have told the kids, “The world is their oyster,
and they can buy anything they want,” and they are… Our family socks. We give our Valentines socks, we get socks for our birthday,
we want socks all the time.>>Seriously, I keep stealing–
>>Steal socks. I keep– I keep stealing
Abby’s and Shari’s. I’m wearing Shari’s right now. I’m– I’m like speechless. That’s all my kids
have been talking about. They’re like,
“Where are the socks?” I’m like, “Oh my gosh.
You guys are crazy.” It’s good. Shari may have found
something she likes. Yes. Celebrate! Jump up and down. Feel free. All right, Shari, now, show us what you found
in just three minutes of being at the sports store.>>I kinda like the–
>>A cross ball, gym bag, and– That is the cu– cute bag. Turn it around. So– That’s way cute. Very exciting. Shari actually did a brand deal
for Dick’s Sporting Goods. It was your very
first brand deal you ever had. Yeah.
We really like this store. I decided I wanted these ones. Sponsor me next. I decided I want
these ones instead. Okay. All right. Did everyone find something? Oh, socks! Socks. We can’t forget the socks. Don’t forget the socks. Can’t forget the socks. Most important thing. Let’s go get socks. While she gets that, Mom,
can we go look for socks? I will surprise her
with a new pair of socks? Here. What are you– Yes.>>Let’s go look for– I think the socks are
down that way. How did I end up babysitting
all of this stuff? Look at all the cute
socks they have, and these are like thick. These are cute. It’s in like a big six-pack. Girls, over here. Look at all these cute socks. Looking for my–>>These are darling.
>>Can you work out in these? This is your chance. Get all the socks
you can handle. Dang, you guys scored
good for my birthday. Yeah, I think Julie like… Happy Birthday, Julie. We’re stuck again, because there’s more socks
in the check out. Girls, keep walking.

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