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Sweden’s King touring experimental student apartments at KTH

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden toured a student residence at KTH this week. It’s not just any residence hall Live in Lab at KTH is a platform for testing innovations in the housing and building sectors. Student: we have four apartments King: this is your apartment? Student: I’m doing a two-year master’s programme in math. And I’ve been living here for a month and a half. Student: I love it here. Student: The four of us have created a nice community here. We get to help a lot and talk to companies. We get to make a lot of decisions about how the apartment looks. We are trying the new showers and the water system. We also get to find out about our
environment like the temperature and all the gases. King: So it’s windows here? Student: yes, we can actually come in and out here. Ideas for homes and buildings of the future are taking shape at Live In Lab through collaborations between research and industry. King: (pointing to flooring material) Is that plastic? Student: No it’s real stone tiles. King: Because the other bathroom had plastic. Student: This one has the electrical heating on the floor so it’s really nice yeah
they’re testing the difference yes the other one is more like warmer material King: Spectacular. King: But … you have only … You have no ‘study’ so to say. Student: yeah I study there, and I have a lab on campus. King: it’s very transparent. Student: yeah yeah it is. King: But you could put up a curtain? King: What are you studying? Student: I’m studying control
and robotics – autonomous systems King: you’ve been here … one year? I’ve been here one year, and this is my
second year. yeah yeah so and then maybe I would stay and do my PhD possibly. Student: It was definitely a crazy experience I. think this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing we didn’t only get to meet him but show
him around our home He was like interested in on our lives
like how we lived here like where we were from what we were studying. It was amazing, yeah. You don’t get get to do this much often – to meet the king of

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