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Sutton Place Apartments | Rollins Residence Hall Tour

This is Sutton. Rollins’ apartment-style
residential hall. It’s got great lake views, its own oasis
and you will not believe the rooms here. Hey Shannon! How are you?
-Hey Curt I’m good how are you?
Great, please introduce yourself. So my name is Shannon Sullivan. I’m an RA here on campus and RA stands for Resident Assistant, and I’ve been trained in everything from
homesickness to real emergencies. So I just help the students.
– Is it fun? What’s your favorite part? Oh my favorite part is definitely the people that I work with. That’s cool. Please tell me about Sutton Apartments.
– So Sutton is one of my favorite places on campus, They’re apartment style suites. And you’re gonna share it with three or
four other students
– That’s cool. It may seem like a lot but the space is just huge.
– Yeah it’s super open.
Here’s the living room, -Yeah.
You have your own balcony right over there. You can see the lake too. And you know you have your TV right there for movie nights.
– Yeah, what if you want popcorn? Well I’m glad you asked because if you need popcorn you have your own personal kitchen.
– Holy cow this is sweet. You got a fridge, dishwasher, stove, microwave…
– You can cook everything yourself. And then right over here we have our dining room.
– Perfect, get those sit-down dinners with your friends. – Sit down dinners exactly. Candlelight spaghetti dinners.
– I love it. I love it, that’s cool. Yeah so show me the
– Yeah let’s go check out the bedrooms. So come on in, this is the smaller of the two rooms. Right now it’s set up for an RA so there’s only one bed. But generally two students are gonna share this room.
– Okay cool.
Yeah so you can have one bed over here one over there. Got some closet space,
– That’s a huge closet. Plenty of space for your shoes and everything. Yup and you’re gonna have two desks as well and two sets of drawers.
– Yeah you got a view too. Oh yes the view is absolutely beautiful. Alright so this one’s the bigger of the two rooms, again right now it’s set up for an RA so there’s only one bed. But generally two to three students are
gonna be sharing this space right here. Yeah there’s plenty of room
– There is plenty of room and there’s
actually a walk-in closet over here. Sweet.
– So you have, you know, all the room
you need for your clothes and your shoes. Yeah holy cow.
– Yeah it’s pretty big.
Plenty of closet space, that’s cool. Yeah and you have your own little
bathroom right over here as well. Oh nice!
– So there’s a bathroom that connects to this room specifically. You’ve got the stand-up shower, a toilet of course, sink and there’s also another bathroom.
– Oh cool so one per room. Yep one per room so there’s two
bathrooms in total, this one actually has a bath. For those bubble bath necessities.
– Absolutely. So yeah Sutton Apartments are pretty cool but one of my favorite things about Sutton is actually the pool. Oh sweet let’s see it. Well I can see why this is one of your
favorite places on campus.
– Right it’s so nice. Right over here we have the
waterfall, right down there you have the docks. It leads right to the lakes, it’s
absolutely beautiful. You can do suntanning here.
– You can suntan, we also have a lot of pool parties here. It’s so much fun yeah.
– That’s awesome well thank you so much for showing me around, it’s been a blast, see ya later!

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