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Surface Pro 6 | NFL Teammates & Cupcake Shop Owners (Extended Version)

Sweat. Dedication. Cupcakes. I’m Michael Griffin. I’m Brian Orakpo. We played football together in college. And then for the Titans. Now, we own a cupcake shop. We thought it’d be unique to be football players that are still playing at a high level and literally wearing aprons. [yells] I love this new Surface Pro. It’s light, it’s sleek, it’s fast. We bake, we decorate, we clean. We do it all. We’re always putting our brains together just trying to come up with ideas for the next chapter in our lives, post-football career. I’m able to draw what color frosting we want. It helps us a lot with running the whole store. Mike is honestly our best baker. I like to decorate, that’s my thing. We do a lot with social media. We have funny videos that we do in the bakery. We try to promote the business every way possible. [laughs] There’s nothing that you can’t do on this device. Cupcakes are a great business. Oh yeah, as long as you don’t eat the profits!

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