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Suite-Style Residence Halls at Fredonia

(music) Hi, I’m Maddie! Hi, and I’m Tommy! Our tour focuses on the Suite-Style Residence Halls here on the Fredonia campus! There are eight halls divided into two complexes. All are just a short walk from classes and any campus events! That’s what it looks like from above. Let’s head inside for a look around! (music) Right inside is where you’ll find the main office area. Every hall has a trained Residence Life Staff. They live here and they’re here to assit you with whatever you need! This is also where you’ll sign in any guests you might bring to the hall and, where you pick up your mail! So, right around the corner is our shared kitchen area. This is a great place to make your own food and also to meet other people who live in your hall! Every hall has a recreational lounge right on the first floor! This is a great spot to hang out with friends, relax, or play some pool! Every hall has a shared laundry room located in the lower level. There are six washers and dryers available, which are FREE to use!! The best part is, you can check to see which machines are in use before even coming down using LaundryView on your phone or laptop! Depending on which complex you’re in you might notice a difference in how the suites are laid out. If you’re in the Kirkland Complex you’ll have a common room just like this and it can be closed off for you and your suitemates! If you’re in the Andrews Complex you’ll have a shared common area with suites branching off. Although the common rooms may be different, the suites themselves are actually very similar. Each suite has four rooms with a shared bathroom. As for the rooms, they’re set up for two students. But you can request a single if they’re available. It comes with two of everything! Two twin size beds, two dressers, two desks, and two closets! There are several different ways you can set up the furniture. So you and your roommate can customize the room the way you like it! So there you have it! A look at the Suite-Style Residence Halls here at Fredonia! Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what to expect on move-in day! And remember, living on campus is the best way to experience everything Fredonia has to offer! And it can give you memories that last a lifetime! (music)

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